De La Salle College

College Board

The Board of Directors of De La Salle College, Malvern is an incorporated entity, operating as a charitable company under the Companies Act. Board members are appointed by the Shareholding Member, which is the Provincial of the De La Salle Brothers.

The constitutional role of the Board is to govern the College according to the Board’s constitution. Day to day management affairs are delegated to the Principal of the College, while the ultimate control and authority of the College is vested in the Board.

The Board is responsible for all policy settings and the overall strategic direction of the College. These include:

  • The Catholic Lasallian ethos of the College
  • Supervision of the curriculum and culture of the College
  • Education achievement and overall student outcomes
  • Innovative education initiatives
  • Finance, audit, legal and risk issues
  • Strategic planning for personnel and buildings
  • Nominations for Board membership and succession

Board members are appointed for their skill sets and experience. The appointment is for a three‐year period at a time.

Current Board Members are:

  • Mr Tony Morwood (Board Chair)
  • Mr Paul Shannon (Chair Finance Committee)
  • Mr Richard Halasa (Chair Building Sub‐Committee)
  • Sir Br Pat Lynch
  • Mr Richard Mullaly
  • Mr Mark Parker
  • Ms Allison Shannon