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2017 VCE Results

Congratulations to 2017 College Dux Samuel Callaghan with 99.50

Congratulations to 2017 College Dux Samuel Callaghan, who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.50. Sam’s extraordinary results in perhaps the five most challenging Unit 3 and 4 Studies are the result of a disciplined, organised approach, a dedication to maximising his potential and a willingness to work closely with teachers and peers. Sam’s results in his five subjects – attaining scores in the 40s for four of them – set a tremendous example for other De La Salle students. Sam also attained a 41 in Biology, completed in 2016.

Subject Score
Chemistry 46
Literature 44
Maths: Specialist Mathematics 38
Maths: Mathematical Methods 44
Physics 41
Biology (in 2016) 41

Congratulations to the De La Salle Class of 2017 on their VCE Results

I am very pleased to announce this year’s Year 12 students have done De La Salle proud with a strong showing almost across the board in their 2017 VCE results. The most noteworthy statistic is that there was a significant improvement in all the key data:

  • The Median Study Score for 2017 is 30, up from 29 last year
  • The percentage of Study Scores 40 and above is 6.43%, up from 5.3% in 2016
  • Median ATAR is 67.60, up from 64.18 last year
  • The percentage of students with ATARs in the 90s is 12.03%, an increase of more than 3%
  • The percentage of students’ ATARs of 80 and above is 28.57%, also a healthy increase from 2016

While there is an excellent range of superb individual results, with many students doing exceptionally well, they have also performed to a very high standard as a cohort. Congratulations and thank you to all the Unit 3 and 4 teachers who invested so much time, effort and expertise in teaching, mentoring and advising each and every student in their care. Several subjects had median Study Scores in the 34 – 36 range, figures which sit at the very top of the scale when compared with any of Victoria’s highest performing schools.

The overall improvement in 2017 is a testament to the targeted approach and diligent attention to detail evident among the students and the positive relationships our teachers enjoy with our young men. As ever, the organised and intrinsically motivated performed to the highest standard. However, I would also like to make mention of those many students who may not have achieved as highly as some of their peers, but strove for personal success and maximised their results through sheer devotion to the task.

Congratulations again to all our Year 12 students and teachers. I wish you all a safe, happy and holy Christmas and a restful break.

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Mr Peter Houlihan