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ACC Launch Speech – Panos Menidis

Good evening fellow ACC representatives, staff, fellow leaders, esteemed guests and a special welcome to newcomers St Joseph’s. When asked to highlight one core element of De La Salle College Malvern my mind rushed to an obvious conclusion. Camaraderie is by far the most prominent feature found in De La Salle and this is a characteristic that is recognised by all of the student leaders at the College. The sense of brotherhood found at the school is inspiring to all and is especially prominent when old Collegians return to the College. It is a fantastic attribute of the College and one we are proud to have.

De La Salle College Malvern, was established in 1912 by three Irish Lasallian brothers in a parish hall where they taught 54 boys. In 1929 the first building was built. Brother Jerome Foley became headmaster and helped the school prosper for the next 17 years. Following that time the school has had wonderful changes and with the addition of a second campus, Kinnoull Campus in 1953 and this has helped to shape the College into what it is today.

More recently, 2012 marked our centenary year. In 2014, the College appointed its first lay principal. Another exciting development was the reinstatement of the House System in 2016. This has strengthened the presence of camaraderie and brotherhood throughout the student body as a whole.

Within the local and wider community, De La Salle is known for its generosity and spirit in service of others. De La Salle is an active member of the community, raising around $100,000 each year on Mission Action Day where the proceeds go to helping poorer communities across Asia. Some of the money goes to the Year 12 immersion, Yaluwo (formerly called Coolies). As a part of this immersion program, our Year 12 students go to Sri Lanka to support the Brothers by building classrooms where students normally aren’t able to go to school. Programs like this run in Year 10 and 11 as well. Additionally, our Year 9 students help our community via Lasallian service. These extra circular activities display what De La Salle College exemplify the mission that our founder, St John Baptist de La Salle commenced.

De La Salle is proud to be associated with the league of the ACC. Our rich history has allowed us to continue to bring enthusiasm, commitment, camaraderie … and the greatest cheer squad to every event! But above all, De La Salle brings a deep and abiding respect for all of the Associated Catholic Colleges. On behalf of De La Salle College, we look forward to another fantastic year.

Thank you.

Panos Menidis
2018 College Captain


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