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ANZAC Day 2018

Year 6 ANZAC Poems

The Year 6 students are engaging in a creative writing program called the Seven Steps to Writing Success and producing some fine pieces. Here are two poems, written by our Year 6 students in honour of ANZAC Day 2018.

I don’t know what to do in the one minute I have to think about you!
How it would have felt to be shot with bullets piercing through.
But still you marched on,
Seeing your friends dying,
I would have come undone!

You fought for this country I stand within,
But merely knowing the cost of every kill you would have led to win.
The crackles of the gravel in your way,
You couldn’t tell how long it would have taken to this day.
Some of you died before taking a step,
For if I was there I would have wanted to have left.

103 years we still remember,
The pain you bought until the 11th of November.
We will not forget the men who died,
For they are the ones who had loyalty and pride.

Lest We Forget!

Lucas E, Year 6


I was forced by Mother and Father
To join this terrible gluttony of a fight.
My two brothers beside me,
Give me some hope.

The first week on this tin can of a boat
We lost sixty nine men to sickness.
We woke to the thunder of artillery,
We were in foreign land now.

We saw the garnet red colouring of the water.
My little brother was knocked over board
He was done for.

We were told to get ready to storm the cliffy beach.
I saw the thick, mystifying smoke roll out from the end of the cannon.
My ears were ringing from the screams of the deceased.
I felt the cold metal of rifle touch my skin.|
I could smell the rotten fuming smell of burning lead.

I was the first Australian in Gallipoli…

I was the first ANZAC!

Phoenix HC, Year 6


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