De La Salle College

Mission Action Day


One of the most tangible examples of Social Justice at De La Salle is our Mission Action Day, often referred to as MAD Day by students.

This year, MAD day is held on Thursday 6 April 2023.


Mission Action Day is an annual walkathon which raises funds for marginalised children and families in locations such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea as well as local charities in New South Wales and Victoria. In the past, our funds have helped build classrooms, purchase desks, chairs and other furniture and rebuild buildings.

The My Cause platform enables students to seek sponsorship in a safe and efficient way. Donate now to help us reach our $100,000 goal.

In 2022 we raised $80,910 that helped fund a variety of projects throughout the Lasallian community — worldwide!

La Salle High School in Khushpur, Pakistan

  • Renovation of the boys toilets
  • The repairing and maintenance of electrical which was
  • Implementation of a Water filtration system

St Joseph’s High School in Gujranwala, Pakistan

The boys hostel which caters for around 30 Christian boys from poor or dysfunctional families was in urgent need of an upgrade. The showers and toilets were unacceptable and our funds helped to rehabilitate these water and sanitation facilities.

Diyagala Boy’s Town, Ragama, Sri Lanka

Diyagala is our immersion community which needs ongoing support and De La Salle intends on returning there next year. Our donations went towards:

  • The renovation of vehicles; vans, bus and three wheeler used at the school
  • Salaries for three staff members for one year
  • Improvements of the facility of Technical study program in welding, motor mechanicism, Lathe work and Electrical studies.
  • Renovation of the sports complex


2021 Year 12 Student Leaders promotional video