De La Salle College

Performing Arts

Through our rich Music and Drama programs, the Performing Arts are thriving at De La Salle College. From beginner musicians to advanced theatre performers and everything in between, our students gain valuable new skills – and have a great time along the way.


Through the study of music – in the classroom and with private tuition – our students develop composition skills and gain an appreciation for this universal art form. They also learn the value of teamwork and gain performance experience through participation in a range of music ensembles.

Instrumental Program: Years 4 – 8

An integral part of our Music Program is the compulsory Instrumental Program for every student in Years 4 – 7.

Year 4

In Semester 1, students play glockenspiels and xylophones following the Orff and Kodaly philosophies. In Semester 2 they learn to play the ukulele following the Black Belt ukulele program.

Year 5

Students trial flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

Year 6

Students spend the whole year on one instrument from the Year 5 choices.

Year 7

Students are required to nominate an instrument of their choice to be taught in a class band beginners program. Instruments are provided at no additional cost to parents.

Instruments offered are:

  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Percussion
  • Saxophone
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Bass Guitar

Year 8

Students develop their musical knowledge in a classroom setting whilst learning basic guitar and keyboard skills. They are introduced to composition in preparation for Song Writing in Year 9.

Years 9 and 10

Students may elect to study music where they will develop their aural, compositional, theoretical, practical, and performance skills in preparation for VCE music.

VCE Music

Students experience solo and group performance, theory and aural training, analysis and composition.

Music ensembles

Weekly ensemble rehearsals are a core component to successful music learning. Students learning instruments are encouraged to join one of the many ensembles that rehearse weekly. These include:

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Intermediate Band
  • Rock Bands
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Stage Band
  • Junior Band
  • String Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble

Performance Opportunities and Music Tour

During the year there are a range of concerts and performance opportunities for soloists and ensembles. Some of these include:

  • ACC Music Workshop days
  • Masses
  • Arts Week
  • Assemblies
  • Rock Band performances on Founders Day
  • Year 10 charity events.

The flagship annual event is the Music Tour where we pack up our instruments and head to regional Victoria, running workshops and performances for primary and secondary schools. This gives students a different perspective on music learning and performance.

Private Tuition

Private tuition, at an additional cost, is available to students for the following instruments:

  • Bass Guitar
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Double Bass
  • Drum kit
  • Euphonium
  • Flute
  • French Horn
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Saxophone (Alto & Tenor)
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Tuba
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Voice.

Private lessons are taught during school hours and are rotated to avoid missing the same classes repeatedly.


Our Drama classes focus on building confidence, creativity and personal expression. Students are encouraged to experiment and explore, whilst also learning about the technicalities of the art of drama and its history and place in the world today. They learn to play characters and tell stories while holding a mirror to life.

Annual Productions

Both a junior and senior music theatre production are put on each year with a local girls’ school, as well as a senior play. Students have the opportunity to act on stage, play in the orchestra, build sets, make costumes, be part of the hair and makeup team or work in the technical production of the show. Using professional facilities around Melbourne, the boys receive the very best experience possible, make lasting friendships and gain valuable performance skills.

Drama Nights

In addition to the Annual Productions, we have more informal Drama Assessment Evenings twice a year. At these events, the great work our boys have done in their Drama classes can be seen by their nearest and dearest and much of it will be assessed on that evening as live performance is an essential skill in what we do.