De La Salle College

Social Justice

De La Salle College has an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for both our Social Justice awareness and our formal Social Justice programs. From the moment a young man enters the gates of De La Salle, he is encouraged to participate in the Lasallian values of care, respect and action for those less fortunate.

Passionate about helping others

Social Justice at De La Salle is about learning, living and leading; our curriculum in Religious Education and Personal Development consistently and deliberately exposes our young men to the plight of people beyond our gates. Age-appropriate education about the experiences of the marginalised in our society, and abroad, ensures our students have a sound knowledge base upon which they can build with College based Social Justice programs.

Mission Action Day

Our students live the mantra to ‘touch hearts’. One of the most tactile examples of Social Justice at De La Salle is our Mission Action Day. In each of the last few years, students at De La Salle have raised in excess of $100,000.

These funds support our community-based immersion programs as well as a variety of other Lasallian programs run at home and abroad.

House Charities

As well as the ongoing and many Lasallian works, charities and projects and initiatives we support on an ongoing basis, each House also supports a charity selected from the Archdiocese Guidelines for Social Justice ensuring that we are affiliated to one other, broader Catholic Charity selected from the Guidelines, knowing that the charities presented in the Guidelines meet the Catholic Social Teaching Principles.

  • St Austin’s House Charity — Melbourne Catholic Migrant and Refugee Centre
  • St Edwin’s House Charity — St Vincent de Paul
  • St Leo’s House Charity — Caritas
  • St Mark’s House Charity — Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Melbourne and Opening the Doors Foundation

Term 3 – Social Justice Charitable Donations

During Term 3 and in the lead up to our Social Justice Mass we are challenged to think of others and to work together to make a difference by donating non-perishable food items and toiletries

  • The Year 5 – 6 students will be involved in supporting St Joseph’s Outreach Food Services.
  • The Year 7 – 9 students will be involved in supporting Sacred Heart Mission.
  • The Year 10 – 12 students will be involved in supporting Malvern Emergency Food Bank.

Lasallian Service

Lasallian Service is a community service program and is an important part of life as a Year 9 student at Holy Eucharist Campus. This program is structured so that students can put into practice the Christian values and learning that are taught within the College. Lasallian Service encourages practical Christianity, enhances the student’s learning and promotes the overall development of the student.

Social Justice Programs and Immersions

Senior students at De La Salle have the opportunity to spread their wings further and participate in one of our many international programs. This includes participating as a volunteer in the ‘Yaluwo’ Immersion Program to Sri Lanka.