De La Salle College

Study Tours — Language, Art and Culture

De La Salle College offers students the opportunity to broaden their learning experiences through in-country study. These study programs are an excellent way to consolidate students’ skills and confidence and instil in students a love of art and culture. The College is very pleased to offer the following programs which run in alternate years:

The Italian Language, Art and Culture Study Tour is open to students studying Italian, Art or History in Years 9 ‑11. Students from these subject areas are given the opportunity to travel to Italy to explore their area of interest and gain real-life experiences in the subjects they study. The Italy Study Tour takes place every two years, usually travelling in September. Students who are interested in participating in this wonderful and fulfilling experience are advised to apply through the Languages Faculty at De La Salle College.

The French Exchange Program is open to students of French in Years 9 ‑11. The France trip features a cultural exchange component where students stay with a host French family in Bordeaux to experience firsthand the culture and language of the country. Students not only attend French classes but also get involved fully in their host family’s life. In turn, these De La Salle students host their French “brothers” when they visit Australia the following year and they become part of the De La Salle community for three weeks. The friendships forged through the program and the links and bonds created are lifelong and life-changing. Students interested in being part of this French Exchange Program should consult their French teacher.