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Volunteer Program

Welcome to our De La Salle College community.

The College recognises the integral role that volunteers within the College play and actively seeks to develop structures and procedures that encourage members of the De La Salle College community (parents, carers, families, alumnae, friends of the College and other community representatives) to become actively involved in the life of the College.

Any member of our community wishing to become a volunteer at the College will need to be listed on our Volunteers Register prior to performing any volunteer duties. All new and existing volunteers are required to review the Volunteer Handbook, complete the forms included and view the Volunteer Induction Presentation prior to commencing any duties (please see below).
The Child Safe Standards require schools to gather, verify and record a person’s history of work involving children. De La Salle College takes child safety very seriously and for this reason, volunteers are required to list their entire work history, including any volunteer work involving children.

The Working with Children Act 2005 (Victoria) requires that any person engaging in child related work must have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC). De La Salle College already requires all school volunteers to have a current WWCC. There is no change to this requirement.

I would like to thank you for your understanding, commitment to child safety within the De La Salle College community and your continued support as a volunteer. Our volunteers are an integral support for our students and they provide an important link to the community.

If you have any further questions regarding the policy documents, the Child Safe Standards or this letter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Peter Houlihan

Volunteer Documents:

Volunteer Handbook
Volunteer Application Form
Volunteer Induction Presentation
Child Safety Code of Conduct
Child Safety Commitment Safeguarding Children and Young People Form

Further Reading:

Child Safety Policies
OH&S Policy
Emergency Procedures

If you have any questions please contact