The Duce Issue 2015 15 -15 October 2015

From the Principal

While Term 4 is barely underway for Years 4 – 11, the formal schooling experience for Year 12 students is drawing very rapidly to a close.

Such finality is a little daunting for all after the best part of 13 years but this is a wonderful group of young men which has proven itself so capable, reliable and cooperative in 2015 I am confident they will navigate this final passage with aplomb.

This Friday sees the final day of formal classes, followed by a celebration day on Monday, with the cohort’s formal farewell and exit from the College occurring on Tuesday with a breakfast and whole school assembly. This is always a much anticipated and poignant occasion, with the College Captain’s address a traditional highlight. A broad range of significant awards are also presented to various worthy Year 12 recipients in areas covering academic pursuits, the arts, Lasallian and community service and sport. This is a memorable event on the calendar as the whole College is able to farewell the graduating class and wish them well for their exams and endeavours beyond.

Following this, on Wednesday the Year 12 Valedictory Mass is held with the Eucharistic celebration at St Ignatius Parish Church in Richmond, followed by a formal dinner at Etihad Stadium’s Victory Room.

Last Thursday I spoke to the Year 12 group about the importance of finishing the year well and taking only positive memories with them. While the message was clearly for the Year 12 students the advice is relevant for all our young men as a reminder of the clear expectations and high standards we have for each of our students.

The Class of 2015 have been a terrific year level, as evidenced by their tremendous involvement in so many events, activities, programs and initiatives throughout the year. Our first Year 12 Retreat for years, Mission Action Day, House and ACC Athletics days, the superbly organised Formal, Grease, ACC sport, DAV Debating, Lasallian Public Speaking, Music recitals and an excellent Founder’s Day celebration are just some of the areas in which this group has contributed so much this year.

While all the above have been pleasing to see, I am most proud of the boys for the improved way in which they have embraced their academic responsibilities. This group has drawn many comments for their commitment to their studies as evidenced by their increased presence in the library, including many hours after school, improved efforts in punctual completion of work tasks — to a much higher standard — and a responsible and organised approach to the trial exams in the recent term break. This bodes well for their success but a dedicated program of revision and exam practice is still critical in order to achieve their full potential.

The achievements, the positive relationships and their wider contribution to the life of the College makes it even more important to leave us with dignity and maturity. My mantra at this time of the year, communicated explicitly to the students last week is as follows:

Look after each other and avoid any decisions, actions or pursuits which risk harm, damage or injury to:

  • themselves
  • school property or indeed any property belonging to the general public
  • the reputation of the College.

As ever — common sense, responsible decisions and respect for those around us will ensure the Year 12 cohort conclude their formal schooling in a manner which befits their outstanding contribution to the College. I have been very proud of them and look forward to celebrating the end of the year in appropriate fashion with each of them.

2016 Leaders

As is the norm, as soon as one group of Year 12 students readies themselves for departure, the next generation steps into the gap. Last Friday saw the conclusion of a thorough and comprehensive process of application, references, presentations and interviews to decide on the Year 12 Student Leadership Team for 2016. I must say the standard of candidates putting themselves forward was simply tremendous. These are graduating Year 11 students of a very high order and offer so much promise and potential for what they will contribute to the College in 2016.

I am pleased to announce the following:

2016 Kinnoull Student Leadership Structure

College Captain
Anthony Arceri

College Vice‐Captains
Tim Fierenzi and Sean O’Callaghan


House Captain
Michael Canny

House Vice‐Captains
Michael Donnarumma and Will Jones

Lasallian Captain
Kieran Walsh

Arts Captain
Liam Ramirez



House Captain
Sri Kumar

House Vice‐Captains
Liam Kelliher and Kyle Williams

Lasallian Captain
Xavier‐Joseph de La Masse‐Homsy

Arts Captain
Charles Joseph



House Captain
Will Taylor

House Vice‐Captains
Nick Leontaritis and Liam O’Neill

Lasallian Captain
Stephan Kokkas

Arts Captain
Tom Ponissi



House Captain
Liam Murphy

House Vice‐Captains
Sam Michael and Liam Moore

Lasallian Captain
Lachlan Bulman

Arts Captain
Will Wright

I wish the departing Class of 2015 and the recently appointed 2016 Leaders all the very best and congratulate each of them.

Mr Peter Houlihan

First Communion

A reminder that First Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 15 November 2015. Classes are in progress in preparation for First Communion. Contact for more information.



Pastoral Care and Organisation

As the College community is about to farewell the Graduating Class of 2015, it is timely to recognise the achievement of students from this cohort across the various aspects of College life.

On Tuesday 20 October the College will stop and gather to farewell our Year 12 students in a final assembly of celebration and congratulations. In this assembly a number of significant awards will be presented to outstanding students in the areas of sport, academic excellence, community service and leadership.

On Wednesday 21 October after the Graduation Mass at St Ignatius Church, Richmond, Year 12 students and their parents and staff will gather at Etihad Stadium for the Valedictory Dinner.

At this occasion the five most significant College Awards will be presented. The awards are:

Br James Taylor De La Salle Old Collegians’ Football Club Sportsman of the Year Award

Presented for achievement in ACC sports, combined with a good positive approach to academic studies.

Fr Les Troy Award

Presented in recognition of a student who has demonstrated outstanding service to the College and the wider local community and beyond.

Hilary Hayes Outstanding Student Award

Presented for outstanding academic results, service to the College, a significant involvement in College life and being a positive role model to peers and younger students at De La Salle.

Br Gerard Rummery Arts Award

Presentedfor outstanding contribution to the life of the College through involvement in the visual, musical or performing arts.

St John Baptist de La Salle Senior Lasallian Award

Presented to a student who has shown a Christian concern for his fellow students; made De La Salle a better place by his commitment to its ideals; and developed his own talents to the best of his ability and for the welfare of others.


The major academic awards for the highest achieving students of 2015 will be presented at a special awards ceremony at the College early in 2016.

The Year 12 students commence their final Unit 3 & 4 exams on Wednesday 28 October and these continue until Friday 20 November.

Congratulations and farewell to all the students from the Graduating Class of 2015 and may God bless you in your future endeavors.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation


PNG Trip

In September 14 Year 11 boys full of anticipation and excitement set off to Papua New Guinea in what was to be a life changing experience.

No one had been to New Guinea before and we weren’t too sure what to expect. When we arrived we saw a country full of life, colour and excitement. As we drove through the congested roads of Port Moresby to make our way to De La Salle in Bomana we were met with endless amounts of waves and people wanting to shake our hands to welcome us to their country.

A few days in to the trip we met our work sites. They were an old classroom that needed to be converted into a Year 12 common room, science labs that needed an endless amount of cupboards cut and fitted and a room that needed three doors installed. We also met the young local boys who provided the group with so much joy, laughter and mateship throughout the trip. As you begin to understand, being in PNG things don’t just happen like that, so we didn’t have any materials at hand and needed to make a trip to the local hardware. A PNG hardware isn’t your ordinary Bunnings or Masters; things were a little bit disorganised and chaotic, with lengthy waiting times!

As tools and materials were gained work flowed and friendships flourished. Boys who were mere acquaintances became close mates and worked together as a team. We saw the best in each other and got the work done in traditional De La Salle style.

A highlight of this trip was going to Ower’s Corner, the start of the Kokoda trail — one of Australia’s most historical war sites. Being there and walking down the steep decline with tough terrain made us appreciate what the young Australians faced all those years ago and the strong relationships we have as Australians with the Papua New Guinean people. A visit to the Bomana War Cemetery compounded this even more with the hundreds of gravestones and the story each one told.

Papua New Guinea is a trip that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. To see the smiles on the local’s faces and how happy they are for what they have is truly a massive eye opener. To see just how much of an impact you can make to someone’s life as a Lasallian is very humbling; one of the young locals said to me “I love when you guys come, you change our lives” — a heart wrenching moment.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of all De La Salle students to fundraising and the dedication of the 13 other Year 11 boys who were lucky enough to be selected to go. A special thanks to staff Tim Hogan, Warren Walker, Phil Dent, Chris Bryan and Christine Thompson who helped us along the way and made this trip something to remember.

This trip was an experience I’ll never forget.

Timothy Fierenzi
Year 11

Senior School News

As the year begins to draw to a close for our Year 12 group our leaders were once again invited to Star of the Sea College to compete in what has become the annual “Leaders’ Netball game”.

After recording a win last year, the De La students ventured out in high hopes of returning with a win. However, after a 12 goals to 2 opening quarter in favour of Star of the Sea, the De La students quickly realised knowing the rules is usually a good prerequisite to try and register any win.

The remainder of the game was played in high spirits with Jack Fogarty and Ryan Cosgrave both providing options up forward for De La Salle. In the end the Star of the Sea team were too strong in a 38–22 goal performance. Thank you to Star of the Sea College for once again inviting the De La Salle leaders to participate in an enjoyable afternoon.


Mr Rob Bonnici
Year 12 Coordinator


Tiverton Traditions

Tiverton Traditions saw the College Leaders host a number of lunch time activities during the last week of Term 3.

Among the highlights were the College Leaders playing dodgeball against their younger peers, the 4‐Square competition and the Coolies fundraiser BBQ led by Year 9 Coordinator Chris Martin and the Year 9 captains.

Many thanks to all the staff and students who contributed to the success of Tiverton Traditions.

Ms Haylene Peipert
College Leaders’ Coordinator


At lunch on Wednesday 16 September many students from across the Tiverton campus crowded the library to participate in an ‘Hour of Code’. The hour long activity, hosted by non‐for‐profit organisation, teaches the basic principles of computer science and programming. In this world which is constantly embracing technology and the wonderful things it can do throughout all parts of society, computer science is a powerful and useful skill to learn for the future. Participating students discovered how it can be a creative, empowering and exciting discipline to pursue beyond the tutorial we completed together. As organiser, I hope that I’ve started the ball rolling for a few of the younger students of the school to learn more about programming and follow it as a study option in their senior years at the College. It was encouraging to see so many attend with enthusiasm to learn something new and have fun while doing so. You can try the tutorial which the students completed at

The inaugural Voice of De La competition was run at lunch on Monday 7 September. We had several talented singers perform in front of an electric audience on the day, cheered on as they took to the Voice stage. This was a special opportunity for students from across the Tiverton campus to show off their talents to their peers in a supporting and encouraging environment, and it was exciting to watch the contestants enjoy themselves on stage in front of friends and teachers. Congratulations go to winners Oliver Barr and Sam Spackman, who both won a $10 canteen voucher and the title of the first Voice winners of De La Salle! We hope the competition will be back next year to again shine a light on the great musical talent which the College holds.

Raphael Canty
College Leader


Media Awards Night

Parents, staff and students, equipped with popcorn, gathered for a night of entertainment at the annual Media Awards Night.

Hosted by Year 11 students Sri Kumar and Tom Ponissi, the night showcased the excellent work from Year 10–12 Media students. Mr Peter Houlihan presented the awards, with the Year 10 awards going to Harrison Campion, Dimitri Rodis, Jack Crooks and Victor Williams. The winners of the Year 11 mash‐up trailers went to the creative work by Angus Secomb for Reservoir Bears and Rhodric Kiepas and Philip Dawod for The Hariotte.

The Best 2015 Film was awarded to Zac Hellyer for Ex Nihilio, an art‐house and light hearted look at how the most unlikely friendships can form “out of nothing”. The Best Cinematography Award went to Mathew Foster,Best Production Design Plan to Lachlan Walsh, Best Script to Liam Gava and Best Post‐Production to Young Sohn. An audience favourite of the night was Anthony Frencken’s El Libro De Respuestas, a spaghetti western parody about De La Salle’s bounty hunter trying to stop the latest school criminal.

Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who supported the Media students in their creative endeavours.

Haylene Peipert
Media Teacher

Sport News

Chess Roundup

Term 4 began with a flurry of chess activity. We were to have started the term with our own in‐house Tiverton Chess Tournament on Friday 9 October which would provide a selection tool for the ACC Junior (Years 7 & 8) and Intermediate (Years 9 & 10) Championships a couple of weeks later. However the ACC event was brought forward to Wednesday 7 October, which meant we sent untested teams to the championships. Our Tiverton Tournament went ahead as planned.

Consequently, we have some detail to report back about these three events. They were all run along similar lines, that is, time‐restricted (15min per player) Swiss format with seven rounds of play. The ACC event is run by ChessKids who supply all the equipment – pieces, boards and clocks; and personnel with chess expertise to adjudicate any tricky situations. Our own in‐house competition did not use individual clocks and any tricky decisions were called by Ms Webster or myself. All‐in‐all, a great week of chess.

ACC Junior & Intermediate Championships

We tabled just one team for each of the ACC Competitions, both second division, with 11 players for our Intermediate team and nine players for our Junior team. The Swiss format means all players play in all rounds being paired against an opponent of similar win/loss ratio on the day. The team score comes from the aggregate of the top four players of each team. When you scan the results below, you will see that De La came 2nd with each of its teams – a very respectable result. In fact, our Junior team was equal 1st until the officials were forced to decide with the 5th players score. Our top players on the day were Tom McIntyre, 8R, and Ethan Tambimuttu, 9V.

Intermediate Team Junior Team
First Last Yr Cl Points Place First Last Yr Cl Points Place
Ethan Tambimuttu 9 V 6 3 Thomas McIntyre 8 R 6.5 1
Michael Collier 9 V 5 5 Xavier Clarke 8 J 6 2
William Cavey 9 B 4 14 Kristoff Soliven 8 B 4 19
Daniel Casula 9 R 4 19 Joseph Ward 8 R 4 32
Adrian Loo Yong Kee 9 V 4 18 Isaac Ford 7 V 3 42
William Canning 9 M 3.5 26 Edward Haldun 8 J 2.5 54
Joshua Paul 9 M 3.5 25 Bryce Loughnan 8 B 2 57
Romolo Persi 9 M 3 28 Safwan Aziz 7 V 2 56
Joseph Hunter 9 S 3 30 Hayden Reed 7 V 2 64
Griffin Van Laake 9 B 2.5 37
Tom Pagonis 9 M 2 43


ACC Inter Chess 2nd Div ACC Junior Chess 2nd Div
1 Parade 21 1 CBC St Kilda 20.5
2 De La Salle 19 2 De La Salle 20.5
3 Emmanuel 18 3 Whitefriars 20
4 CBC St Kilda 15 4 St Bedes 18.5
5 St Bernards 13 5 Mazenod 16
6 St Josephs 10 6 Emmanuel 16
7 St Bernards 15
8 St Josephs 13.5

 Tiverton Tournament

This tournament was really a talent‐spotting exercise as well as a means of promoting chess. We had 57 self‐nominated students from Years 7 to 9 participating. Things went smoothly despite not having proper chess clocks and we uncovered some talent of which we were not all that aware. This augers well for De La Salle’s chess future with quite an interest amongst the students and some very good players to work with. The top 30 of this event are listed below.

First name Last name Yr Cl rank pts
Connor Franes 7 R 1 6.5
Spencer Franes 7 B 2 6.5
Xavier Clarke 8 J 3 6
William Cavey 9 B 4 5
Anthony Ryan 8 V 5 5
Adrian Loo Yong Kee 9 V 6 5
Thomas McIntyre 8 R 7 5
Joshua Hu 8 J 8 5
Ethan Tambimuttu 9 V 9 5
Romolo Persi 9 M 10 5
Isaac Ford 7 V 11 4.5
Blair Hopkins 9 V 12 4.5
Prince Thomas 7 B 13 4.5
Joshua Cavallin 7 S 14 4.5
Matthew Schweigert 7 B 15 4.5
Panos Menidis 9 B 16 4
Bryce Loughnan 8 B 17 4
Michael Collier 9 V 18 4
Matthew Cook 8 B 19 4
Daniel Casula 9 R 20 4
Griffin Van Laake 9 B 21 4
Joseph Ward 8 R 22 4
William Saffery 7 S 23 4
Edward Haldun 8 J 24 3.5
Safwan Aziz 7 V 25 3.5
Julian Ober 7 V 26 3.5
Harry Sagiadellis 7 R 27 3.5
Ned Hoolihan 7 H 28 3.5
Joshua Paul 9 M 29 3.5
Emelio Incretolli 7 S 30 3.5

Kinnoull Tournament

We had conducted a Kinnoull Tournament along the same lines back in August and have not published results of that event so I’ll take this opportunity. The timing of this event wasn’t the best for chess as some of our interested students were unavailable at the time with excursions and class assessable items in progress. Nonetheless, it gave us a chance to play students off against one another and provide data for the ACC Senior team selection. Following is the final standings with the 25 participants:

First name Last name Yr Cl Pts
1 Elliot Fabris 12 F 5
2 Anthony Ticinovic 10 B
3 Luciano Murray 12 D
4 Mitchell Riley 11 H
5 Stefan Karydis 12 D 4
6 Adam Martuccio 10 D 4
7 Anthony Indovino 10 V 4
8 David Honeybone 10 B 4
9 James Biviano 10 S
10 Harrison Gill 10 D
11 Enzo Hamilton 12 V 3
12 James Howat 10 B 3
13 Christian Grant 11 H 3
14 Daniel Gava 10 S 3
15 Charlie Aitken 10 S
16 Spencer Embrey 10 D
17 Oliver Smith 10 R
18 Thomas Whitelaw 10 H
19 Ben McDonell 10 H
20 Sam Peterson 10 H 2
21 Nathan Soh 10 S 2
22 Ben Morgan 11 S 2
23 Charlie Bird 10 V
24 Jordan Brasher 10 S
25 Luke Barron 10 V 1

 ACC Senior Championships

De La sent a team of 8 players to the ACC Open Chess Championships at Simonds College on Thursday 20 August. Our team here plays in Division 1 where the competition is very difficult. In fact, it is dominated by Mazenod College, who have a very significant chess program and student following. We came in a humbling 8th place on the day.

First Last Yr Cl pts
1 Luciano Murray 12 D 4
2 Ben Morgan 11 S 3
3 Isaac Zheng‐Renner 11 J 2.5
4 Mitchell Riley 11 H 2.5
5 Stefan Karydis 12 D 2.5
6 Elliot Fabris 12 F 1.5
7 Enzo Hamilton 12 V 1.5
8 Christian Grant 11 H 1.5

Final standing of ACC Open (Division 1)

Place Team Points
1 Mazenod A 26.5
2 Mazenod C 19.5
3 Mazenod B 19.5
4 Parade 16
5 Salesian 16
6 Salesian 14
7 Simonds 14
8 De La Salle 12

ACC Chess is a very competitive sport with schools taking their team coaching very seriously. We here at De La will need to run our campus tournaments a lot earlier in the year to help identify talent and provide more playing and coaching opportunities for our students.


Larry Evans and Marta Webster
Chess Coordinators


Music Notes

During the month of November ABC’s Triple J celebrate Australian music with all Australian feature albums, interviews and events.

In the Year 10 Music Industry class, we have jumped on board and will be hosting a series of lunch time concerts during the month of November. The concerts will feature De La songwriters performing their original music and occasionally tipping their hat by covering an Australian artist.

I asked the music class to reflect on an Australian music experience. Over the next few editions of Duce, I will share these reflections. Here are our first AusMusic stories:

The song Waltzing Matilda reminds me of when my family would drive to my Dad’s house in Nhill and we would sing all the words together as a family. Always reminding me of the memories we had growing up together driving to places as a family and having so much fun — not having to worry about anything in that present time. It also reassures me of the times we will have in the future and creating new memories for us to cherish as long as we can as a family. By Oliver Smith


Australian music for me has showed that there’s a lot of culture in the country. Especially as a migrant who spent most of his life in a foreign country, Australian artists show me that as Australians they are passionate and talented in the music they play. By Victor Williams


When my family holidayed in Kingscliff a few months ago, we went to see the Queensland Symphony Orchestra perform a concert of classic film soundtracks. Watching the orchestra perform was inspiring, it made me feel proud to even be in the same room as a group of such talented and dedicated people. Watching the look on their faces, a look of abundant concentration, a sincere and passionate love for the music they were performing, being the music‐lover I am, I found it deeply awakening. By Chris Ovens




Lasallian Public Speaking Challenge

The evening of Tuesday 6 October saw students from De La Salle College, St Bede’s College and St James College attend the Br Quentin O’Halloran F.S.C Lasallian Public Speaking Challenge.

An annual event (this year Hosted by St Bede’s), it was a night that showcased the skill, courage and effort of Year 7 to Year 12 student representatives.

De La Salle students presented their prepared topics with a raw energy and originality. They were consistently the school that managed to sustain the laughter of the audience through their wit and savvy sense of humour. Our students demonstrated a keen ability to engage, convey enthusiasm and present with conviction.

On the night students are expected to present a speech on a prepared topic and also an impromptu speech. Each year level were given the same impromptu topic, ‘It’s how you play the game.’

Congratulations specifically goes to Jordan Burns from Year 9, who single‐handedly took out the Year 9 Best Speaker and the Overall Best Speaker award on the night. De La Salle, in turn, walked away with the Lasallian Public Speaking plaque – one that is fiercely contested within this event.

I would like to thank the parents, relatives, friends and staff who attended from De La Salle College on the night in support of the boys that competed.

Below is an overview of the De La Salle performances on the night.

James Windsor (Year 7)
: Cadets Australia

A new comer to the event, James performed most confidently in his impromptu speech. He tackled the impromptu speech about the game of ‘life’ by talking about how the way in which we gamble in day to day scenarios can determine the way our life unfolds. James demonstrated insight beyond his years with this response.

Ben Gibson (Year 8)
Why there should be no war

Again, a new comer to the event, Ben strode purposefully to the stage and delivered his entire speech without the need of assisting cue cards. He used evidence from philosophers, politicians and the results of academic studies to persuade the audience of the devastating consequences of war.

Jordan Burns (Year 9)
A speech about prepared speeches

There was no doubt that Jordan had something that the other speakers did not. It was the ability to think quickly and in a unique manner that set him apart from the rest. He re‐enacted audience experiences of having to prepare or deliver a speech. In turn, as we saw ourselves through some of the cardinal public speaking sins that Jordan outlined should never be made, outbursts of recognition (i.e. laughter) were heard. It was in his impromptu speech, however, where Jordan interpreted ‘It’s how you play the game’, as the game of Monopoly that this technique really captivated the audience. Comparing the arguments over a game of Monopoly with Liberal and Labor debates over a controversial policy, Jordan simply ‘out‐played’ his opponents.

Adam Crestani (Year 10)
That the fact something is old or original does not make it better

Like Ben, Adam was able to strike from his first word to his last without the assistance of cue cards. Impassioned by the unjust judgements made by older generations on the quality of music, TV and value of technology, Adam struck a chord with many peers sitting in the audience.

Matthew Mottola (Year 12)
Vive la République

One of the greatest highlights of the night was to see College Leader, Matthew, present both his prepared and impromptu speeches. Like Jordan, Matthew had the audience in the palm of his hand. Humour was the key. Presenting on the reasons why Australia should become a republic, Matthew began his speech by highlighting that, ‘Like Queen Elizabeth and a Botox injection, the debate for a republic had a fresh face’. It was irreverent and the audience lapped it up. Matthew was sharp, witty and clever with how he worked to persuade the audience. Whilst taking the pole position in terms of content, engagement and presentation, adjudicators acknowledged that it was only upon the technicality of going over the set time limit by a minor margin that meant Matthew was not recognised as Year 12 speaker of the night.

Ms Olivia Wenczel
LATL English



Wellbeing News

How to Deal With Exam Anxiety

As the exam period approaches, Year 12 students are all working hard to revise and consolidate their acquired knowledge as they prepare to sit exams at the end of October.

Exams are a time when students often feel more stressed than usual. Stress is a normal part of life and can aid performance; an increase in adrenaline can assist students to “stay on track”, work diligently and complete tasks in a timely manner.

However, too much stress can make a young person feel overwhelmed, de‐motivated, exhausted or edgy…. and this may prove detrimental to exam results in the long run. Seek professional help if your anxiety is adversely affecting your sleep, appetite or causing unexplained aches, pains or blurred vision.

Tips for Managing the Revision Period

Effective Study Habits: Effective study habits can reduce stress levels in all students, irrespective of age. A good daily routine, a realistic study plan, regular breaks and good time management all help to produce positive outcomes. When studying, remove all distractions such as Facebook, mobile phones etc. and set short term achievable goals.

Diet: Eat right and treat yourself like a well‐ honed machine: eat fresh fruit and veggies and have a proper breakfast. Fuel your brain as well as your body. Drink lots of water and monitor your sugar and caffeine intake.

Exercise: Nothing de‐stresses the mind faster than physical exercise, so build it into your timetable. The body releases “feel good” endorphins and burns off cortisol and excess adrenaline. Being a sloth makes a mind sloppy too.

Sleep: Sleep well — get 8 hours. Stop studying at least one hour prior to going to bed, turn off all screens 30 minutes before bedtime in order to unwind and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Relaxation: Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises can assist in reducing anxiety levels, improve concentration, enhance memory and help you to remain calm and in control.

Tips to Manage Pre and Post Exam Jitters

  • Learn to manage when you are stressing out. A break or chat with someone who knows the pressure you’re under will put things into perspective.
  • Avoid comparing your abilities with your mates. Those comments, “Oh my goodness I’ve only read the text 14 times” create stress. Everyone approaches revision in different ways, so make sure you’ve chosen the right method for you.
  • Panic is often triggered by hyper‐ventilating (quick, shallow breaths), so if you feel yourself losing it during the exam, sit back for a moment and control your breathing. Deep breath in and out through the nose, counting to five each way.
  • Steer clear of exam post‐mortems. It doesn’t matter what your friend wrote for Question 2, it’s too late to go back and change the answer, so it will only make you worry even more.

Remember; don’t lose sight of the fact that there is life after exams. Things seem intense now……. but it won’t last forever. Best of Luck!!!

Ms Maree Keel
College Counsellor










Parent Network News

The Parent Network has a busy Term 4 planned for you. We hope you can come along to one or two of the events.

All enquiries to

Year 7 Parents’ Cocktail Party‐ 7:30pm on Friday 16 October

No Cost – Book Now
BYO drinks and a share plate
A great night to meet other Year 7 parents
Year 7 Class Reps-Terri Drum 7H, Mary Martin 7R, Wendy Rowland 7R, Evangeline Remer 7S, Jenni Pavlou 7S, Liz Plant 7D, Amber Mills 7V, Liza Zago 7V

Parent Network AGM — Tuesday 20 Oct at 7:30pm, Boardroom

Come along if you would like to be part of the Parent Network or to just hear what we do.
Contact us for a nomination form.

Girls’ Night Out – Thursday 29 October, Racecourse Hotel

$12 — Book Now
Includes tea & coffee and a light supper. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.
7:30pm for 8:00pm parade — Get your girlfriends together! Fashion & Jewellery.

Veducci Fashion Parade

Veducci is an Australian designer label that offers high quality fashion, sizes 6 to 24.
Exclusive Designs for Women in Style

And Missie Jewellery to go along with your outfit or as a great gift!

Other Dates

Saturday 21 November: Parent Social Night – more details out soon

Thursday 26 November: Primary End of Year Picnic




Important Notices

Important notices for the whole school community.


Please read the below important information from our uniform providers, Dobsons.

Uniform Shop Extended Hours 2015–2016

De La Salle Buy Early Letter

De La Salle Basketball Club

U/18 DLS Warriors in the Friday night competition are currently ‘stranded’ with no competitor teams registered for the 2015/2016 Summer Season. This is a call for any other boys who may wish to form a team or teams to provide some competition for them, otherwise they will have to withdraw.

Please contact Michael Bohan 0439 172 165 or if interested or for more information.



Has your child been threatening you, hurting you, or breaking things you value? Reclaim calm and respect in your family.

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Important Dates

Important upcoming dates on the College calendar.

Year 8 Bush Dance
Parent Network AGM - Boardroom, 7:30pm
Year 8 Vincent Camp departs
Year 12 Breakfast and final assembly
Year 12 Graduation Mass and Valedictory Dinner
College Tour - St MIguel Theatre, 2:00pm
Year 8 Vincent Camp returns
VCE Unit 3 and 4 exams commence