The Duce Issue 2018 04 - 22 March 2018

From the Principal

On the afternoon of Wednesday 21 March we gathered as a staff, complemented by several visiting De La Salle Brothers, to acknowledge and celebrate Br Julian Watson’s 80 years of service for the Human and Christian Education of young people.

In the contemporary world where our graduating students entering the workforce can expect to change careers multiple times in their working life and indeed be employed in roles not even yet invented, 80 years of committed service to the one organisation is a sobering thought. It is also a record and an achievement worth celebrating, if we may indulge ourselves for a moment in a fondness for memories of a bygone era of perhaps less complicated times. In this week’s Duce I would like to relate a little of Br Julian’s career and achievements which were shared with the staff at the afternoon tea on Wednesday.

Keith James Watson was born on 8 January 1922 in East Melbourne, second eldest of four children. The De La Salle Brothers at St Ignatius School in Richmond educated Keith, before he entered the Brothers Novitiate at Castle Hill, Sydney on 21 January 1938. Two months later on 18 March, Keith took the habit of the De La Salle Brothers and proudly adopted the new name Br Julian Bernard.

A stellar teaching and leadership career ensued, highlighted by a powerful and broad reaching influence on many thousands of students and a variety of De La Salle Colleges around eastern Australia and New Zealand.

In 1940, Br Julian began work at De La Salle College, Marrickville, and throughout the 1940’s he made significant contributions at De La Salle College, Orange and De La Salle College, Cronulla.

Moving back to his native Melbourne in February 1947, Br Julian arrived here at De La Salle College, Malvern. In an environment that would challenge many of us, Julian taught his younger brother, Ray in the Year 8 scholarship class. Despite fabled stories of forged notes from home in relation to failure to complete homework, both Ray and Br Julian survived the experience and Br Julian taught the scholarship class of Year 8 students for three years. While he was a Humanities and RE specialist, Br Julian reckons he taught “pretty much everything” in his career.

Many Australian and New Zealand Brothers credit Br Julian with being a genuine pioneer as he was primarily responsible for the successful establishment of three De La Salle Colleges for our Kiwi colleagues.

In 1953, Br Julian became Principal and Director at St Mary’s School, Blenheim in the South Island of New Zealand, the first Lasallian School in New Zealand. He would later move to Auckland and take on the roles of Principal and Director at De La Salle College, Mangere East. Ever the expansionist visionary, Br Julian then became Principal and Director of Francis Douglas College at New Plymouth, a role in which he served with distinction for 10 years.

Br Julian then returned to Australia where he worked at De La Salle College, Scarborough, in southern Queensland. It was then back to his beloved Malvern from 1978 — 1987 where he operated as a teacher and Community Director. Br Julian’s skills were sought after in a range of spheres and in another interlude he found himself at Mentone as Director of five young Brothers in formation.

The beginning of 1989 saw Br Julian return to Malvern where he served as Deputy Principal and Community Director until 1993. In 1994 he was Assistant to Br David Hawke in the care of elderly Brothers during Br David’s first term as Provincial, before retirement and living in the Malvern community, where he remains today, remarkably fit and well at age 96.

After the formalities and cutting of the celebratory cake, Br Julian spoke to the staff and guests. It was terrific to hear a man of such an impeccable career of service, dedication, faith and leadership reflect so humbly. Julian wondered if it was really him we were speaking about when listening to his record built up over eight decades!

All present were thrilled and grateful to hear his heartfelt words of the support, camaraderie and sense of community he has experienced in his many years here at De La Salle, Malvern. Generations of terrific young men to work with, coming from wonderful families and supported by a great staff have been Julian’s key reflections of his time in and around our College. I was very pleased to assure him those qualities he referred to in relation to our students, families and staff all remain very much present in 2018.

We are blessed to work and learn in such a positive environment and we are blessed to have the experience and contribution of a wonderful man like Br Julian Watson. Given his health and positivity we’re sure Br Julian will be around Malvern for a good while yet!

Peter Houlihan

Deputy Principals’ Column

Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day (MAD)

Mission Action Day to be held on 29 March is a compulsory school day for all students. If any student is unable to attend, the College asks parents to offer a written explanation to be addressed to the appropriate Year Level or House Coordinator. Students are asked to make a final special effort over the next week to increase their sponsorship. Each student should be aiming for a minimum of $50 to help the College achieve this year’s target of $100,000 to assist Lasallian Missions both in Australia and Asia.

Emergency Management

The first of our emergency drills for the year was held this week. This involved a “Lockdown Drill” on Tiverton Campus. There will be a number of other drills throughout the year to ensure as a College we are well placed to deal with an emergency situation should it arise.

Term 2

Term 2 classes commence for students on Tuesday 17 April. All staff will be involved in a Professional Learning activity on Monday 16 April.

Uniform Term 2

A reminder to parents that all students are required to wear full winter uniform from the start of Term 2. This means students must wear a tie and winter shirt (long sleeve). All uniform requirements are detailed in the College Diary.

Lost Property

There are a number of lost items of uniform from this term at the Reception areas on each campus. Students are asked to check at Reception if they have lost anything.

Online Food Orders at Tiverton

Parents, please be advised that online ordering has been discontinued and will no longer be available to students. Plans for the Tiverton Canteen are progressing well and hopefully, it will be ready for the start of Term 2. Parents and students will be advised when it is ready to commence operation.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal, Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Lenten Liturgy

On Tuesday 27 March, the College community will gather together in the gym for the Lenten Liturgy. Our Lenten Liturgy will take the form of what we, as a Catholic, Lasallian community traditionally associate with the season of Lent, The Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross refer to the story of the final hours of Jesus’ life before he was crucified. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made by giving his life up for us and also a time for us to personally reflect on the sacrifices that we make.

In our Lasallian context, we try to give meaning to this idea of “sacrifice” in the way we live and enact service to one another. At De La Salle College, it is through our commitment and participation in Mission Action Day that we as a community, readily support the poor and marginalised. It is also through our commitment and participation in Mission Action Day that allows us to provide an ongoing commitment and support to various Lasallian missions and projects as well as other local and national community needs. In particular;

  • Year 12 Yaluwo Trip to Diyagala, Boystown in Sri Lanka;
  • De La Salle Secondary, in Bomana, Papua New Guinea;
  • VCAL Applied Learning Social Justice trip to Wilcannia, Outback New South Wales; and our
  • Ongoing commitment to supporting the Lasallian Twinning Program, La Salle Secondary College in Khushpur, Pakistan

Our Lenten Liturgy will invite us to symbolically journey through those fateful stops with Jesus. By praying, reflecting and listening throughout each of the stations, we too, also journey the passion of Christ.

The cross is at the centre of our Christian faith and it holds strong to our belief that when one acts with kind words and good deeds, then one’s life has responded to Jesus’ call to act justly.

Jesus lived and died for that essential idea; the ultimate unselfish act as announced in John’s Gospel;

A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friend”.

John 15:13

Rise” – Catholic Youth Festival

Saturday 17 March, Ms Ellen Cotter and our College Lasallian Youth Minister, Mr Aaron Trusler along with a group of students, William Dwyer, Samuel McNidder, Jack Forer, Thomas Seddon and Jordan Burns attended “Rise”, a Catholic Youth Festival at Mount St Joseph’s Girls’ College in Altona, to celebrate the Year of Youth on an Archdiocesan level.

The “Rise” festival aimed to empower young people to deepen their relationship with Jesus and to discover and celebrate the life of faith.

The day started with a short introduction and concert where a range of people from different missions performed, followed by the first session “Real Men Don’t Talk, They Do”. Following this, Aaron gathered the students for a quick session on Lasallian leadership. Feedback from the students has been extremely positive, saying they got a lot out of the experience.

To read Aaron’s reflection on the festival, click here.

Catholic Education Week – Young Speakers Colloquium

Recently, I received an invitation from Catholic Education Melbourne seeking student speakers (current or past) for the Catholic Education Week – Young Speakers Colloquium on Friday 16 March. The speaker/s needed to be young people who have experienced overseas social justice immersion programs who may be interested in sharing their stories of involvement in such endeavours. Having just recently been on the College “Yaluwo” Immersion to Sri Lanka, Christopher Groves took up the invitation and proudly represented the College as an Old Collegian at the event, presenting a talk, with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation as well as taking questions from the audience at the end.

Christopher was clearly able to articulate the importance of such experiences like this for students at De La Salle College and how it allows us to live out our Christian and Lasallian principles and how we are all called to be change makers, to see a need and do something about it.

Year 7 Reflection Day Incursions – Term 2

Date Core Groups Supervising R.E. Class Teachers Venue
Wednesday 18 April 7 Hegarty and 7 Dunstan Ms Ellen Cotter and Mr Paul Maxted St Miguel Theatre, Kinnoull Campus
Wednesday 2 May 7 Benilde and 7 Jerome Ms Grace Giudice and Mr Ryan McDonough Performing Arts Centre, Tiverton Campus
Wednesday 9 May 7 Vincent, 7 Solomon and 7 Roland Mr Paul Maxted, Mr Chris Church and Mr Adam Jacobs Performing Arts Centre, Tiverton Campus

Students are asked to bring their own recess, snacks, water bottle and lunch. Students are to wear their sports uniform for the day.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Chaplain’s Notes

And so we approach another celebration of the tridium:

Next week our College will once more gather to mark our preparations for the most important feast in the Christian calendar, Easter. Many times I have asked students that very question – what is our most important feast? It is not surprising that the answer is frequently “Christmas”. That is the fun one! Yet, it is only in Jesus’ death and resurrection that we recognise not only the fullness of Jesus’ humanity, but the full revelation of Jesus as God.

Six weeks ago we were invited to enter the desert and take with us the things we needed to change in our lives. Hopefully we have used these past week’s well and now we can approach our Easter Celebration with a sense of joy and satisfaction, knowing we are better for the time we spent preparing. Part of that preparation has been to think about those who do not live in comfort and peace. Next week, Mission Action Day will finalise Term 1 and our Lenten efforts. It is not too late to make that extra effort gaining sponsors.

I pray that all families are united in spirit as you celebrate the three major feasts underpinning all our faith celebrations: Holy Thursday (the Lord’s Supper), Good Friday (the Crucifixion) and Easter Sunday, (the Resurrection of our Lord).

Year 8 liturgies:

Year 8 Roland led our prayer on Tuesday morning and invited us all to take stock of how quickly we see the “plank” in the eye of others, and how slow we are to recognise our own faults (Mark 7:3–5). In the student delivered homily we were challenged to consider how we can change the way we think and respond in our relationships; firstly looking openly and critically at our own lives, so that me may better understand and empathise with others. Parents who are dropping their son/s at school are most welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings in the Tiverton Chapel for an 8.15am start.  Parents wishing to attend the liturgies must sign in at reception before proceeding to the Chapel.

Year 12 seminar days:

The first of these days was held on Monday 19 March. I was fortunate to participate with the students reflecting on “women in their lives”. The students engaged in an open sharing of opinions and enticed reflection on those who have influenced their thinking and the challenges they face in forming positive and respectful relationships with women.

 Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

Year 7 Transition — Planning for Success

Are you a parent of a Year 7 student?

Is your son a monosyllabic teenager who would rather have his teeth pulled than share events from the day? Maybe you have experienced the tearful student having a meltdown over homework? Or been overwhelmed with chirpy enthusiasm as your son recounts the excitement of a game of four‐square in the Tiverton yard?

At De La Salle College, we understand that our young people make the transition from primary to secondary school in different ways. Year 7 brings new routines, multiple teachers, new friendships, new transport and new expectations and responsibilities. Whilst, some students will thrive on and enjoy these added responsibilities, others may at times feel overwhelmed by the scale of the changes.

In this time of transition, a challenge facing parents is recognising behaviours for what they are. You may have asked yourself ‘is my young person behaving as expected, given he is entering adolescence and high school’? Or, ‘should I be concerned about what I am seeing and hearing at home’?

In late 2017, Ms Lisa Harkin, Deputy Principal – Students, approached Headspace, the national organisation dedicated to improving the mental health of young Australians. The idea was a workshop for Year 7 parents which would tackle some of the thorny aspects of high school transition.

On Monday 26 February, 60 parents attended the evening session at the Tiverton Campus, hearing first from Headspace expert Ms Kirsten Cleland, who spoke about the adolescent brain, helping to put in context many of the behaviours our young people exhibit as they enter their teenage years. College Psychologists Ms Karina Dubroja and Mr Anthony Freeman followed, sharing practical advice which drew on their experience with students at the College. Through the discussion of some tailored case studies, parents were then able to apply some of their collective wisdom and test out some of the language and strategies for handling challenging situations that their sons may present them with.

After the success of this first event, it is hoped this will become a regular part of the transition program for students entering De La Salle College next year and beyond.

Ms Melissa Walsh
Year 7 Coordinator


The Year 9 In9uiry program enables our students to grow in so many exciting ways.

Understanding their strengths, working successfully with others, developing the skills required to ask relevant questions and effectively researching to create an interesting, dynamic response to these issues is nurtured in our students and the program is already producing thought‐provoking discussion in class.

Students with the freedom to use their individual intelligences produce amazing work. Ken Robinson is inspirational and revolutionary in his understanding of pedagogy. He is a good guide for us as mentors in the In9uiry subject. In9uiry allows Year 9 students to travel their educational journey, developing their skills for life in the 21st Century at their pace using topics that intrigue them about the City of Melbourne.

Year 9 students have been busy investigating many aspects of the City of Melbourne. The diversity of their topics is fascinating and shall make for a very interesting expo evening on Thursday 28 June. As teachers, we are honoured to witness the students develop as researchers and take their first steps to becoming active global citizens.

A further step toward global citizenship is to accept the challenges intrinsically associated with social justice. The students at De La Salle College show their concern for those in need by raising great sums of money on Mission Action Day. And, as mentioned in last fortnight’s Duce, Year 9 is the year in which our students complete a term of Lasallian Service. Over the past 6 weeks, nearly ninety of our Year 9 students have participated in this community service.

On Wednesday, I visited a student who has volunteered at Jacana School for Autism. It was obvious how much he had enjoyed his time there, and how much the school valued his contribution to the students with which he worked. Both the Deputy Principal and his Mentor Teacher invited him to return anytime.

Here is some feedback from community members who have been interacting with our Lasallian Service students in their communities:

 “One of our residents has been receiving some technical support from the boys, which he says is “fabulous” and he is “very grateful for their assistance”. Another resident who is very vocal but unfortunately severely hearing impaired has … played cards with the boys and the students painstakingly communicate with him using a whiteboard. They are patient and very polite. Thank you for providing this program and well done to the boys involved.”
Jan, Heritage Care

I would like you to compliment all the boys on what a great job they are doing here at Malvern.”
Donald, a resident of Mecwa care

They were polite, enthusiastic and very nice young men”
Shirley, a local Opp shop

Thanks for the fantastic effort helping at cycling”
Susan, Blind Sports

I would like to thank our Year 9 students who have contributed to a successful first term of Lasallian service. They have touched the lives of so many in our community who are in need.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

Sport News

House Athletics Carnival

On Friday 16 March, the House Athletic’s Carnival was held at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. It was perfect weather for the event and student participation was outstanding on the day. The final scores for the carnival are included below:

St Leo’s House — 2424
St Austin’s House — 2055
St Marks House — 1967
St Edwin’s House — 1913

Congratulations to St Leo’s House who were victorious again this year and well done to all students who represented their House on the day. To view a gallery of photos from the event, please click here.

National Championships

Di Medio’s at Australian National Junior Athletics Championships Sydney

We have two new Australian National Champions in Pole Vault in their respected age groups at De La Salle College! Dalton Di Medio, Year 12, winning the Under 20 Men’s pole vault, and André Di Medio, Year 8, winning the Under 15 Men’s pole vault. Both worked and trained all year up to five days a week for this honour. Now, these athletes will take a much‐deserved break of three weeks and then back to full training ready for the next challenge.

Andre jumped 2.90m to take out his Gold Medal. Congratulations André!

Dalton jumped 4.50m to secure his Gold medal. Congratulations Dalton!


Year 12 student, Sean Macdonald, has been serving as co‐captain of the Victorian Under 18 State Basketball Team which recently won the National Championships in Townsville. In this tournament, Sean played an extremely prominent role in helping the team to victory and was the top‐scorer for Victoria in the all‐important Grand Final against the Queensland team who were the overwhelming favourite. As a result, Sean was then selected in the Australian Team to play in the Asia‐Pacific Championships in Guam. Again, he featured prominently as the Aussies reached the final and comfortably defeated New Zealand to claim the title. Sean was named in the All‐Star Five for the tournament as a result. In February, Sean again played for Victoria in the Under 20 State Team in Terrigal and again the Victorians overcame great odds to win another National Title. This made for 3 National Championships in a row for Sean! To top it off, Sean has been named as Basketball Victoria’s Junior Male Athlete of the Year!

Sean’s parents and all of us here at the College are very proud of his achievements and wanted celebrate Sean’s successes with our community. Sean’s father, Kelvin Macdonald, is especially proud of Sean’s attitude, “his humility and the fact that he doesn’t like to ‘go on’ about his successes”.

ACC Sport


First Division — De La Salle (2 / 121) def St Bede’s (8 / 117)

In the final round, the 1st XI lost the toss and St Bede’s elected to bat on a very good wicket at Waverley Oval. The St Bede’s openers started slowly but weren’t troubled until Oliver Bradley (1/16 off 6) got a fine nick straight after drinks to have them 1 for 60. After the first wicket to fall, St Bede’s lost 5 wickets for 15 runs, including a brilliant direct hit run‐out from Zac Raymond to dismiss their captain. Liam Jenkins (2 / 24 off 4) accounted for two of the St Bede’s middle order batsmen while singles went to Jackson Reed (1 / 13 off 6) and Pascal Traczewski (1 / 9 off 3). The visitors had slumped to 6 for 76 but had a good 7th wicket partnership to at least put a slightly ‘competitive’ score on the board. Zac Raymond (0 / 21 off 6) and Hugh Hyslop (2 / 16 off 6) closed out the last five overs expertly only going at 4 an over with St Bede’s posting 117 for victory.


Chasing for the first time this season, De La Salle got off to a flyer yet again and never took our foot off the pedal, going at 6 an over for the entire innings. Angus Grey (12 off 19) supported Oliver Bradley’s class innings, belting the St Bede’s bowlers to all parts for a brilliant 72 off 67 balls not out (8 fours, 2 sixes). Jared Williams and Rory Drummond (not out) both chipped in with 12 each which saw us knock off the runs with 14 overs to spare at 2 for 121.

Unfortunately, in the semi‐final last week the players lost to St Bernard’s at Waverly Oval. In what can only be described as an anomaly performance, the first XI were dismissed for 75 with Zac Raymond (22) and Marco Walker (11) the only ones who threatened to form a partnership. Things didn’t go De La Salle’s way with the ball either as the St Bernard’s batsmen cruised to an 8 wicket victory inside 20 overs.

This concludes a reasonably successful season yielding only one loss, taking the sting out of the players failing to go “back‐to‐back‐to‐back”.

Mr Benjamin Paine
Sports Assistant

Round 6 of Division 2 cricket saw De La Salle College make the long journey out to Essendon to take on St Bernard’s College. St Bernard’s won the toss and on what looked to be a good wicket, chose to bat. Both openers looked strong at the crease through the power play overs and after 8 overs St Bernard’s were 0 for 39. Captain, Jay Thorn then introduced Alex Camm into the attack and within the blink of an eye, he already had 3 wickets in his first over. Bowling to the plan of Coach, Mr Rhoden, De La Salle was able to keep runs to a minimum and wickets throughout the innings, Ari Sioukas (2 / 19) and 1 wicket to both Oliver Ryan and Liam Bonato, as well as another wicket to Alex Camm (4 / 23) ensured St Bernard’s to a score well below par. De La Salle chasing 129 for victory at 6.45 an over, the openers were looking to get De La Salle off to a flyer, and they did just that. Sitting at 2 for 50 after their power play, De La Salle looked to be in a commanding position with opener Alex Riley hitting the majority of the runs. Joined by Captain Jay Thorn, the pair had a 50 partnership with Alex Riley bringing up his own 50 off just 36 balls. Jay Thorn (27) was dismissed in the twelfth over which saw De La Salle at 3 for 94. Ari Sioukas (27*) came in at 5 and with some lusty blows including a monster 6 over square leg and good partnership batting by Alex Riley (59*) saw De La Salle over the line with a total of 3 for 131 with 3.1 overs left.

Mr Thomas Cairnes
Sports Assistant


The final round of senior tennis saw St Joseph’s FTG travel to St Andrews Gardiner Tennis Club to play De La Salle College. De La Salle’s season was already over however this game would decide whether St Joseph’s FTG would finish in first or second place. The singles competition started off strong with Jack Bruce‐Smith winning his set 8 games to 3. The only other win in singles was an epic battle in Jesse Wiedemann’s match, which he won 9–8. These were to be the only victories in singles for De La Salle. In doubles, De La Salle didn’t fare much better with only one team registering a victory. This came from the star pairing of Christopher Iramiyan and Jack Bruce‐Smith who won their set 8 games to 4. End scores saw St Joseph’s FTG run away with the victory (9 sets 87 games) defeating De La Salle College (3 sets 46 games).

Mr Thomas Cairnes
Sports Assistant

Parent Network News

Save the dates

Wednesday 9 May 2018 – Mother’s Day Breakfast, College Gym
Saturday 11 August 2018 – Whole School Parent Social Event, GG’s Restaurant

Year level representatives

We are desperate to fill the gaps in Year Level Reps before the end of the Term 1. If you can help, please contact Mrs Trish Woodman, Alumni and Community Relations Officer via email or phone 03 9508 2138.

  • Primary Lucy Bremner, Kylie Hillmacher, Jo McAuliffe
  • Year 7 Sam Pickering, Lisa McCormack
  • Year 8 VACANT
  • Year 9 VACANT
  • Year 10 VACANT
  • Year 11 VACANT
  • Year 12 Nevia Krizman, Trish Van Buynder, Cate Robertson

Anthony Muir
President of the Parent Network

Important Notices

Legally Blonde — The Musical — 3–5 May

Preparations for a great show are well underway and tickets for Legally Blonde are now on sale!

The Box Office will be open in the hour before performances at the venue the Alexander Theatre. All other in person sales prior to then will only be available at the MAPA Box Office at the Robert Blackwood Hall, 49 Scenic Boulevard, Monash University, Clayton Monday‐Friday 9:30am — 4:30pm.

OLSH College and De La Salle students will perform together in the hugely popular and entertaining comedy Legally Blonde the Musical. There will be four performances at the Alexander Theatre at Monash University at 7:30pm on the evenings of 3 May and 4 May, and a matinee show at 2:00pm on Saturday 5 May as well as an evening show at 7.30pm on Saturday 5 May.

It promises to be a wonderful evening of entertainment so get your tickets now!!


De La Salle Old Collegians Association Football Club 2018 Season Launch — 6 April

Established in 1955 as the brainchild of Old Collegian Jim Hawkins, the De La Salle Old Collegians’ Football Club provides a wonderful opportunity for De La old boys to maintain a connection with the College and their peers. The 2018 Season is being launched on Friday 6 April at the RACV Club in the city. Hosted by television personality Nigel Carmody and with special guests including Garry Lyon, this is an event not to be missed!

Administration matters

Absentee Notification

If your son will be away ill, please select one of the below options to advise the College:

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities including:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school‐organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2018 are now open, through until the end of Term 2, 2018. For more information on CSEF please click here.

Office hours — Term 1 holidays

Please be aware the Tiverton campus office will be open during the Term 1 holiday break from 8:00am — 4:00pm daily, excluding all public holidays.

Ms Mary Georges
Administration Services Manager

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates on the College Calendar.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews - Gymnasium, 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Year 4 Camp - Monday 26 March to Wednesday 28 March, Kyneton
Lenten Liturgy - Gymnasium, 8:55am - 9:49am
Year 7 and Year 10 Immunisations - Round 1 - PAC, 10:00am - 1:00pm
ACC Athletics Carnival - Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews - Gymnasium, 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Mission Action Day - HA Smith Reserve, Kooyong, 9:00am - 12:00pm - Students dismissed at 12:00pm
Staff Professional Learning Day - NO CLASSES
Students Resume Classes for Term 2