Parent Network News

Parent Network Executive Committee for 2020

The annual Parent Network General Meeting was held on Monday 21 October 2019.

We are pleased to announce the Executive Committee of the DLS Parent Network for 2020 is:

President Meagan Selkirk
Secretary Letecya Stacey
Treasurer Sonya Ryan
General Committee Members Linda Curnow
  Kym Gardiner
  Sharon Herdman
  Mary Martin
  Melinda Rowe

We wish to thank Nick Drossos, Maria La Torre, Anthony Muir, Anest Nicolaou and Cate Robertson who have retired from the Committee after contributing many years between them to the Parent Network.

2020 Year Level Representatives

We are very excited to have a great group of parents who have volunteered to take on the important roles of Year Level Representatives for 2020. 

Year Level Representatives
Primary Michelle Peterson and Louise Harris
Year 7 Bron Kenworthy
Year 8 Franca Cafici, Amanda Grace and Katie Saunders
Year 9 Kirsten Bell and James McEniry
Year 10 Linda Curnow
Year 11 Trish Van Buynder
Year 12 Vacant

If you are interested in becoming involved with our great team of Year Level Representatives or filling our vacancy for Year 12, please email your details to

Mrs Meagan Selkirk
President, Parent Network Committee

Valedictory 2019 Gallery

Valedictory Mass, St Patrick’s Cathedral

Valedictory Dinner, Sofitel on Collins

If your son attended the Valedictory and is not featured in the gallery, please email with your son’s full name and House to request your son’s photograph. Please note that while every effort is made to capture the event in full, on occasion we may not have a photograph of an individual student.

Important News

Mink and Sam — Opens Tonight!

Mink and Sam is a rollicking good, fun show featuring Year 7 and 8 students of De La Salle College and Sacré Cœur.

Two young beings find themselves adrift in their lives and need some help. They meet each other under strange circumstances and the rest… you’ll have to come along and find out!

Come and be awed by the fabulous choreography, amazing costumes and marvellous performers!

Two shows only! Thursday 31 October, 7:30pm and Friday 1 November, 7:30pm. No door sales — please book before you arrive!

Mr Andrew Murrell
Drama Coordinator

Fee Payment

2019 Tuition Fees

Families paying 2019 tuition fees are required to pay them in full by 30 November 2019, as per the College Fee policy. To review your current balance, please refer to the parent portal. If you have not provided a payment option form for the payment of your College annual tuition fees, please do so by 30 November 2019 to ensure that you are on an approved payment plan for 2020.

2020 Tuition Fees

The College Board will be ratifying a new College Fee Policy applicable from 2020 so please note billings for 2020 tuition fees will now take place in January 2020. The major change within the policy is the timing of the billings and any discount for payment in full by the end of December is no longer applicable. All families are required to be on a payment plan if they choose not to pay their account in full by 28 February 2020 (discount applies per student). The 2020 annual tuition fees and the updated College Fee Policy will be published on the College website by mid‐November 2020.

For any enquires or further assistance, please contact Ms Ellenor Harris in Family Accounts or email

Thunderstorm Asthma Warning

Respiratory experts are warning people to be prepared as we enter thunderstorm asthma season — you do not need to have asthma to be affected.

Respiratory Specialists advise people to look out for wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and shortness of breath. If you have reliever medication (asthma puffer) you should take it. It is also safe to use someone else’s reliever puffer in an emergency if you don’t have one.

Respiratory Specialists advise people should stay indoors, where possible, during spring thunderstorms, particularly when the cool change hits.

People with asthma or hayfever should see their doctor for medication to prevent and treat any potential attacks. People with mild asthma, or who have never experienced an asthma attack, are often most affected because they are not actively taking treatment or have management plans. This is a reminder to mild asthmatics that their condition could suddenly become severe, therefore a current action plan and medication is required.

Asthma Australia urges people to be aware of asthma symptoms.

What is Thunderstorm Asthma?

It is the phenomenon of rye grass pollen being swept up into springtime thunderstorms and ruptured by the pressure of the rain into smaller pollen grains. Cold thunderstorm outflow winds then push the particles down to ground level where they can be inhaled deeply into the lungs and trigger asthma epidemics.

Symptoms to look out for

Wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and shortness of breath. Take particular care if you have asthma or are prone to hayfever.

How can I prevent it?

If you have ever had asthma talk to your doctor about what you can do to help protect yourself from the risk of thunderstorm asthma this pollen season. Remember taking an asthma preventer properly and regularly is key to preventing asthma, including thunderstorm asthma.

If you have hayfever – see your Doctor for a hayfever treatment plan and check if you should have an asthma reliever puffer.

Where possible, avoid being outside during thunderstorms through November and December – especially during the wind gusts that come before the storm. Close your doors and windows. If you have your air‐conditioning on, turn it onto recirculate.

Respiratory Specialists advise that if you need to go to Hospital during one of these events, try to go by private transport rather than wait for an Ambulance.

Please ensure your son’s asthma and hayfever action plans are up to date with De La Salle Health Centre. If your son suffers from hayfever, please administer antihistamine at home. We have a limited supply of antihistamines at the Health Centre as emergency medication. Your son is not to attend the Health Centre for his daily antihistamine during hayfever season.

Your son’s medical file can be accessed by the community portal or contacting Ms Kylie Upton, Health Centre on 9508 2144 if you require any further information.

Useful Apps and Websites

Mrs Kylie Upton
Health Centre

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates in the College calendar.

Unit 3 and 4 Exam Period - 30 October to 20 November
Mink and Sam - Junior Musical - PAC, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Mink and Sam - Junior Musical - PAC, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Melbourne Cup Long Weekend - No Classes
Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday
Drama Elective Assessment Evening - PAC, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Remembrance Day
ACC Years 7 and 8 Debating and Public Speaking Competition - St Bernard's College, Dandenong, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Parent Network Committee and YLR Meeting - College Boardroom, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Year 10 Study Day
Year 11 Study Day

From the Principal

It is a pleasure to be writing to you, the College community, as we commence the final term for 2019. For our Year 12 students, this is likely to be a “roller‐coaster” few weeks of memorable moments and a considerable amount of stress.

The end of Year 12 brings to fruition six years of secondary schooling and the De La Salle community is there to support and encourage the Graduating Class of 2019 over this time. A number of significant events are planned over the next two weeks, including a Year 12 Breakfast, final House and College Assemblies on 18 October, a Celebration Day at Sidetracked, South Oakleigh on 21 October and the Valedictory Mass and Dinner on 23 October.

There are heightened expectations on all Year 12 students at this time. Throughout the year we have reminded our Year 12 students that each one is a leader at the College and therefore has a responsibility to lead through their positive actions and academic endeavours.

Staff at the College have accompanied the graduands at each level of their journey and are to be commended for their outstanding commitment and diligence in preparing the young men not only for the rigours of the exam period, but a successful transition to their future lives.

In the second week of the school holidays, all Unit 3 and 4 students undertook trial VCE exams. Thank you to VCE Coordinator Ms Liz O’Connell and the staff who gave of their time to be at the College to supervise and support the students each day.

On behalf of the College community, I wish the Year 12 cohort every success for the exams ahead and thank the parents and guardians for their support in making our educational partnership a successful one.

Over the September holidays, a number of significant works were completed on the Tiverton Campus, including the removal of trees and the completion of the refurbishment of the Tower Building. This heritage building dates to 1929 and while the façade looks as elegant as ever, the learning spaces have been renewed, transforming them into fresh contemporary learning environments. In the near future, a plan will be finalised for the next phase of refurbishment at Tiverton and arrangements made for the utilisation of the Tower Building for 2020.

From 15 September to 3 October, a group of Italian Language students, accompanied by Mrs Lil Russo, Mrs Marta Webster and Mr David Happ, participated in a very successful trip to Italy. Students were able to attend school in Orvieto and undertake a range of wonderful cultural and sight‐seeing activities, as well as enhancing their confidence in their language skills. Click here to view the Photo Gallery.

The start of Term 4 also brings new ACC seasons in cricket, volleyball and tennis, as well as debating, chess and public speaking competitions. There are also two Performing Arts productions underway. Year 7 and 8 students are currently rehearsing for Mink and Sam with Sacré Cœur, to be performed on 31 October and 1 November. Senior students are also working hard on the 2020 Senior Production with OLSH Typhoid Mary. Both of these productions continue our fine tradition of giving students the opportunity to be involved in quality Performing Arts events.

Finally, a reminder to all students that Term 4 brings a chance for a “fresh start” to consolidate and implement the learning that has already occurred throughout the year. In many ways, Term 4 is the most exciting term of the year as it brings the opportunity to complete so many tasks and it culminates with Headstart and transition programs where all students will move to their 2020 classes. All is set for the learning and challenges that the last term of the school year always brings.

Mr Tom Ryan
Acting Principal

From Boys to Men

Rites of Passage

Throughout 2019, our Year 9 students have been privileged to attend workshops run by the Rites of Passage Institute. These workshops have been deliberately designed around our campus themes; Identity, Stewardship, Futures and Legacy — themes we believe are incredibly important at Year 9 as we support students in their transition from boys to young men.

These workshops have provided Year 9 students with a vehicle to open up about issues that are important to them and connect with families, friends and community who can provide vital support in these formative years.

De La Salle College has been fortunate to have the Rites of Passage Institute lead two successful evenings in the Year 9 calendar. The Institute was founded by Arne Rubinstein, an expert in adolescent development who has personally overseen our events. The programs, seminars and workshops have been attended by well over 100,000 people globally and were well received by our parents and students.

I am the father of two beautiful, young, mischievous boys — Billy, 5 and Lenny, 3. They are at an age where they are still, universally referred to as beautiful… just.

I am a proud Dad but hardly positioned to give adolescent‐parenting advice. I’m struggling enough with the patience required and anxieties associated with toilet training! However, if you are seeking advice, in Arne’s book The Making of Men”, he writes that one of the most important things you can teach your son is that privileges come with responsibilities. Whilst parents should decide what is fair and reasonable for sons my Billy and Lenny’s age, wherever possible, adolescent men must be involved in the decision‐making process.

As your son grows older these decisions will become more serious. Borrowing your car when he gets his licence, for example. Again, as the privilege increases so too should the responsibility. When they are made to feel like they are owning the decision process within a framework they have helped construct, this empowers young men.

Relationships with your son will invariably change as he grows older. In some cases, it may appear to happen overnight. Research suggests that maintaining a relationship with your son through his early teens will be the most challenging. Gradually giving more responsibility to your son is an important part of transitioning to adulthood. Done constructively, it will also go a long way to strengthening your relationship with him.

We all have much to learn and understand about relationships and the complex dynamic that exists between young men and their communities; but what we do know is that there is infinite power in a listening ear, a robust conversation and the sharing of responsibility.

Mr David Alexander
Head of Year 9 Campus


Transitions and Growth

This is a busy time of year at De La Salle, as students start to look forward to the end of 2019 and toward 2020.

We will welcome incoming Year 7 students as they transition to secondary school and become the leaders of Tiverton campus while Year 8 students begin the move to our Holy Eucharist campus. The Year 9 cohort will be welcomed at Kinnoull campus, and the Year 10 and 11 students will focus on the next year of their VCE and VCAL.

As the College goes through this cycle of growth and renewal, we also farewell the Year 12 class of 2019. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with these young men in my first year at De La Salle. They have been welcoming, enthusiastic, warm, funny and caring, and I know that they will continue to grow into wonderful men who will make their mark on the world.

I wish them all the best in whatever adventures lie in store for them.

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

Year 10 Industry and Enterprise

Students get a bird’s eye view of Port of Melbourne

Year 10 Industry and Enterprise students recently got a close look at the workings of the Port of Melbourne in Lorimer St, Port Melbourne as part of their work experience preparation unit. A highlight of the visit to the Port was a tour of the 300‐metre high control tower, which dominates the port’s skyline.

After the walk outside the Tower, students were privileged to go into the Control Tower and meet the Harbour Master, who explained how Australia’s biggest container port operates. Students were introduced to the numerous career opportunities in the port which moves more than 7,000 containers a year and is worth more than $102 Billion to the Victorian economy.

Mrs Kerry Martin
Classroom Teacher — Year 10 Industry and Enterprise

Tiverton Campus News

Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 students recently went on an excursion to Taskworks as part of the inquiry unit at the end of Term 3 to explore the following characteristics:

  • motor skills (coordination)
  • problem‐solving
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • leadership
  • initiative
  • creativity
  • competition

It was terrific to see the students get out of their comfort zone and develop important physical and intellectual capabilities throughout the excursion. We look forward to developing this intellectual inquiry further in Term 4 through the APSMO Maths Olympiad and Games and ICAS English Competitions, and the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) Primary Regionals.

The students also compete in the Hoop Time regional tournament and the Dendy Sports Cricket competition this Term to challenge them physically and emotionally.

Year 7

The Year 7 students will complete their 12‐week Braingrow study in their DLS DNA classes over the next fortnight. The focus has been encouraging the students to use the thinking part of their brain (pre‐frontal cortex) rather than the emotional part of their brain (amygdala) and to undertake activities that are positive, purposeful and aligned with their key values. This will allow them to be more grateful, to make better decisions, and hopefully to become more optimistic and resilient. These students are currently completing their own individual reflection journals and these findings will be presented to the Year level in Weeks 3 and 4 of this Term.

Year 8

As at the first Tiverton assembly this Term, Year 8 Coordinator Mr Stephen Brick reminded the Year 8 cohort that they had only seven weeks before going onto their next educational journey at the Year 9 Holy Eucharist Campus in East Malvern.

It is an exciting time for these students — the key focus for this Term is to leave a legacy at this campus and continue to be the best versions of themselves. They soon will be undertaking a Year 9 Headstart program. Students will be expected to complete all set classroom tasks and assignments, continue to progress academically in all their subjects, to ensure a confident and competent start to the independent and collaborative learning culture at Holy Eucharist in 2020.

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students Tiverton Campus

Chaplain’s Notes

First Communion

The Sacrament will be celebrated on the 27 October, 11:00am at St Anthony’s Parish Glen Huntly. We wish the students well as they prepare.

Confirmation Presentation

Students gathered in the Chapel and participated in a liturgy of thanksgiving for their recent Confirmation. Acting Principal Mr Tom Ryan spoke to the students about being active members of the Church, using the gifts of the Spirit to respond to the needs of others. Mr Ryan presented each of the students with a Certificate after which the assembled enjoyed a celebration lunch.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

Sport News


Congratulations to James Hillemacher, 7 Jerome, who has been selected in the U13 State Hockey Team. James represented Victoria in the Australian U13 Hockey Carnival in Hobart between 2 and 8 October 2019. Congratulations, James.


Daniel Graskoski, 7 Dunstan, represented Victoria at the National Football Federation Australia (FFA) Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour, NSW over the Term 3 break. The U13 boys Victoria team was crowned the U13 boys FFA National Youth Champions and Daniel was awarded the FFA Goalkeeper of the Youth Championships in that category. At the Championships Daniel was also selected to participate in the FFA Youth development camp in the ACT. Congratulations, Daniel.


Matthew Damches, Year 12, Leos 2, Captain of the De La Salle Weightlifting team, represented De La Salle in the sport on Friday 13 September. This was Matthew’s last competition representing the College, capping off an outstanding array of personal and team achievements and successes.

Matthew put on a solid performance at Round 3 of the 2019 School Championships and Sport and Recreation Cup, breaking an impressive number of records on the day:

  • Victorian Junior snatch – (103kg)
  • Victorian Junior total – (223kg)
  • Australian Junior snatch – (103kg)
  • Australian Junior total – (223kg)
  • Australian Under 23 snatch – (103kg)
  • Australian Under 23 total – (223kg)

Matthew also took out the award of “Best Male Lifter”, honouring the dedication of the athlete that he is.

The De La Salle tradition of elite weightlifters is upheld with the support of teachers and individual weightlifters partaking in this wonderful Olympic sport. Congratulations, Matthew!

Mr Michael Watty
St Leo’s House Coordinator

Parent Network News

Parent Network General Meeting

A reminder of the annual Parent Network General Meeting is being held on Monday 21 October at 7:30pm in the Tiverton Boardroom. All De La Salle College parents and carers are invited to attend.

During the General Meeting the Parent Network Committee for 2020 will be elected, so if you are interested in joining, please come along!

For a nomination form or any enquiries please email

The Parent Network’s aim is to encourage a sense of community throughout the College by providing regular opportunities for parents to socialise, connect and participate in College activities.  The Committee meets approximately twice a term and being a member provides a great opportunity to be involved in the College community.

Upcoming Events

Event Date Venue
Year 5 Kids vs Parents Indoor Cricket Saturday 14 September Springvale Indoor Sports Centre
Parent Network General Meeting Monday 21 October College Boardroom

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs Meagan Selkirk
President, De La Salle College Parent Network

Important Notices

Fee Payment

2019 Tuition Fees

Families paying 2019 tuition fees are required to pay them in full by 30 November 2019, as per the College Fee policy. To review your current balance, please refer to the parent portal. If you have not provided a payment option form for the payment of your College annual tuition fees, please do so by 30 November 2019 to ensure that you are on an approved payment plan for 2020.

2020 Tuition Fees

The College Board will be ratifying a new College Fee Policy applicable from 2020 so please note billings for 2020 tuition fees will now take place in January 2020. The major change within the policy is the timing of the billings and any discount for payment in full by the end of December is no longer applicable. All families are required to be on a payment plan if they choose not to pay their account in full by 28 February 2020 (discount applies per student). The 2020 annual tuition fees and the updated College Fee Policy will be published on the College website by mid‐November 2020.

For any enquires or further assistance, please contact Ms Ellenor Harris in Family Accounts or email

Mink and Sam

Mink and Sam is a rollicking good, fun show featuring Year 7 and 8 students of De La Salle College and Sacré Cœur.

Two young beings find themselves adrift in their lives and need some help. They meet each other under strange circumstances and the rest… you’ll have to come along and find out!

Come and be awed by the fabulous choreography, amazing costumes and marvellous performers!

Two shows only! Thursday 31 October, 7:30pm and Friday 1 November, 7:30pm. Book now at

Mr Andrew Murrell
Drama Coordinator

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates in the College calendar.

Last Day of Year 12 Classes
Year 12 Graduation Breakfast, House Farewells and Final Assembly
Year 12 Celebration Day - Sidetracked, Oakleigh South, 9:00am - 1:30pm
Parent Network AGM - College Boardroom, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Valedictory Mass - St Patrick's Cathedral, 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Valedictory Dinner - The Sofitel, 7:00pm - 11:00pm
House Swimming Carnival - Carnegie Swim Centre, 8:40am - 2:30pm
Year 7, 2020 New Student Information Evening, Gymnasium, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Unit 3 and 4 Exams Commence - 30 October to 20 November
'Mink and Sam' - Year 7 and 8 Musical - PAC, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
'Mink and Sam' - Year 7 and 8 Musical - PAC, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Roll Call Current Issue — September 2019

As we continue to transition Roll Call to a more environmentally friendly online publication, we would like to thank the De La Salle Community for embracing this decision.

If you aren’t receiving your Roll Call online – please email with your current email address or click here to send an enquiry through our Old Collegians Contact Form.

The September 2019 Issue is full of great stories, school reunions and De La Salle Community updates – enjoy!

Lasallian Roll Call September 2019 PDF

From the Acting Principal

As Term 3 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of students and staff. The College continues to excel in the areas of sport, the performing arts, debating and commitment to social justice initiatives.

Sporting highlights include Senior Boys Hockey Premiership coached by Mr Gerard Barns and Mr Jon Edgar and Grand Final appearances by our Year 8 Hockey Team coached by Mr Shane Mackintosh, Year 9 Hockey Team coached by Ms Georgie Skinner and Mr Ken Stokes and our Year 8 Basketball Team coached by Mr Lachie O’Connell.

Congratulations also to all the students who, after many weeks of training, represented the College at the ACC Cross‐Country Championships at Bundoora Park on 11 September. Thanks also to Mr Peter Larsen, Mr Geordie Nagle and staff who assisted and supported the students over this time.

Two students who excelled in extra‐curricular sport in recent weeks were Ryo Hayashi and Daniel Graskoski. Please visit the sports news page in this issue of Duce for details. Congratulations to both Ryo and Daniel.

Our strength as a Performing Arts College also is reflected in the quality of our Music and Drama Programs. After a very successful Music Tour in August, our musicians and Music staff combined to present an extraordinary showcase of talent in the Annual Winter Concert.

Hours are spent rehearsing and preparing and the results were of the highest standard. Our Unit 4 Music student recitals were stunning in their complexity and presentation.

A real highlight for parents was the new event, the Term 3 Music Soirée, in which all instrumental music students had the opportunity to perform solo in front of an audience. Well done to all who performed.

In the area of Drama, our Senior Play Two Weeks With The Queen with OLSH was a wonderful example of the talents of our students. This week our Middle Years students will be involved in the production of Godspell with Sacré Cœur. This promises to be yet another terrific event. Congratulations to the cast and crew involved in these events.

Congratulations also to our Year 10 Debating Dream Team who continue to impress with strong results in the statewide competition to reach the last 16 schools.

Term 3 always involves many community events. I thank our Parent Network for organising the very successful and enjoyable “Christmas In July” event and the Father’s Day Breakfast. Our August Parent‐Teacher Interviews were very well attended, as were our various information and expo evenings. Our Year 8 Time and Space father and son night and Year 9 Rites of Passage father and son evening created unique opportunities for connection and communication.

Students were involved in Community Masses in July at St Joseph’s Malvern and last weekend at the final of these for the year at St Cecilia’s Glen Iris. Students and their families from these parishes were joined by our College Leaders in a wonderful spirit of solidarity and support. These Masses continue a long tradition of involvement between De La Salle and the Parish communities. Thank you to Mrs Rana Brogan for her leadership and vision in working with the parishes to organise these Masses. We look to them continuing in 2020.

This week our Year 6 will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Anthony’s Glen Huntly. This will be a very special occasion for these students and their families. Thank you to Mrs Joan Ferguson for her work in preparing the candidates.

De La Salle is able to provide amazing opportunities to students such as the chance to be involved in a variety of optional camps and trips. This term we ran the following camps; Year 10 Adventure Tour to New Zealand, VCAL Social Justice Camp to Wilcannia, Music Tour to central Victoria and students participated in the Victorian Snowsports Competition at Mt Buller. On Monday a group of Italian Language students will leave for a two‐week language and culture study immersion trip to Italy. Mrs Lil Russo, Mrs Marta Webster and Mr David Happ will accompany the group.

From a whole‐College perspective, work on the Strategic Plan for 2019–2022 is nearing completion. This will identify our priorities and goals for the next four years. Related to this is our Annual Action Planning. The Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Survey (CEMSIS) has commenced. CEMSIS is a valuable source of information and data that will greatly assist us in the planning process. Parents are invited to participate in this process via the link and log in details sent last week. The survey closes on 20 September.

Refurbishment of the Tower Building at Tiverton undertaken during this term is nearing completion. A Planning and Development Group has been formed to investigate and guide the next phase of development works. There will be more information about future plans next term.

For our senior students, and those in Year 12 especially, this a really critical time in the academic year as VCE Unit 4 courses conclude and attention is directed towards revision and exam preparation. All Unit 3 and 4 students will undertake trial VCE exams at the College from 30 September until 4 October. I urge all students to work diligently for the remainder of the term.

Mr John McAlroy will leave the College at the end of this term after 12 years of devoted service to the College community. John has been an outstanding Mathematics Teacher and College Leader and will be greatly missed. On behalf of the College community, I thank John for his dedication and generosity and wish him well as he moves to a new opportunity at St Bede’s College.

Finally, we also wish Mr Ken Stokes and Mr Nigel Yates well‐earned breaks as they commence Long Service Leave in Term 4.

Best wishes for the end of Term 3 and the school holiday period ahead.

Mr Tom Ryan
Acting Principal

Study and Balance

Balance your life with reading

Reading something you enjoy for at least 15 minutes every day will do wonders for your wellbeing. Research has shown that reading for pleasure can:

  • increase empathy
  • improve relationships with others
  • reduce the symptoms of depression
  • improve wellbeing throughout life.

It also unconsciously improves students’ grasp of language in different contexts.

At De La Salle, every student’s life is currently being enriched with reading — in fact it is emphasised in the English Curriculum. Once a fortnight, students from Year 5 to Year 9 have a full period allocated to reading books chosen by themselves in line with their own interests.

The students love biographies, fantasy, action‐adventure, real‐life, historical and humour, and De La Salle’s library collections are built to cater for all levels and broad tastes.

We have also introduced eBooks which students can read on their laptops or on their phone on the way to school. We encourage them to recommend titles which they think should be in the collection.

The latest focus has been on growing the Graphic Novel (comic) collection. The libraries have a number of Japanese Manga collections as well as graphic versions of well‐known novels. Reservation levels are high, showing that our students enjoy the Graphic Novel format.

At De La Salle we recommend that all students read something they enjoy every day and we are always available to guide them towards finding those genres that give them pleasure.

Ms Catherine Ryan
Library Team Leader


How To Balance Life And Study – And Keep Your Motivation!

Find The Meaning Behind What You Are Doing

It is a lot easier to achieve things when you know why you want to. One great way to get past feeling stuck is to connect to your underlying intention.

For instance, you might not be too keen on doing a particular assignment for school. But underneath that, you probably do care about:

  • learning more
  • practising your skills
  • getting further toward your career
  • feeling a sense of achievement when you finish it.

When you remember the assignment is just a step towards these things, it’s easier to get started.

It can also help to change the way you think about your intentions from demands (e.g. I have to do the assignment because otherwise, I’ll fail) to choices (e.g. I choose to do the assignment because I want to do well.)

When you think about it, most of the tasks we do are connected to a bigger purpose. Doing those dishes might not sound very appealing, but how about creating a nicer space for yourself and feeling freer?

Finding it tricky to think of what’s important to you? You might like to try a bull’s eye values activity or a life compass exercise. You could also try the Values Ink app, for a digital version.

Balancing Life’s Demands And Feeling Good

Achieving small tasks and doing things you enjoy can boost your confidence and lift your mood – helping you keep a healthy headspace. The activities you make time for have a big impact on your headspace. When you spend time doing things you enjoy, it can give you relief from hard times, and build some fun in your life. Likewise, when you set and achieve small tasks that are important to you (such as completing homework or giving back to your community) it can help to create a sense of accomplishment and meaning.

In a nutshell, doing ‘stuff’ matters. Yet, if you’re going through a difficult time, doing anything can seem like a lot of effort. And if you’re feeling low you may lose interest in things you once enjoyed. So, what should you do? The key is to focus on doing – even if you don’t want to or feel like it. As you set and achieve even small tasks you will learn more about yourself, build confidence and improve your wellbeing.

Here’s how ‘doing stuff’ can help your headspace:

  • give you a sense of achievement and purpose
  • build your confidence
  • lift your energy
  • improve your motivation
  • it can help get you out of a rut if you’re not feeling energised.
  • Ask an expert: how can I do more stuff?

Here’s how headspace experts suggest you get started:

Set small goals. Setting and achieving goals builds confidence and self‐worth. Think of a small task you want to do every day (maybe it’s making your bed, going for a 15‐minute walk or calling a friend for a chat). It can be anything, the important thing is to set the goal and follow through.

Find activities you enjoy. If you’re going through a hard time, you may not feel excited about doing anything. But think back – what did you used to enjoy? This can be a good place to start.

Make a schedule. When you think of an activity, make time for it. Look ahead at your week and block out some time for the things that you enjoy.

Persist. Find ways to follow through with your scheduled activity, even when you don’t feel like it. You may not feel like doing anything, so it might help to learn new ways to handle this.

Reflect. Once you begin achieving your goals, take some time to reflect on how it makes you feel. Did you enjoy it? Did you feel a sense of accomplishment? If you did, that’s great. If not, that’s OK. You could try something else.

Be kind to yourself. Maybe try a new hobby that you’re not great at, but think of it as making time with yourself to learn and grow. Keep persisting and enjoy the journey of learning. When you’re feeling low or stressed it’s important to put healthy habits in place – to give yourself a better chance of coping with life’s challenges.

Doing stuff and achieving little things every day is an important healthy habit, but it’s not the only one. Things like exercise, eating well, and spending time on your relationships are also important for good mental health. Sourced from:

Attendance Notification

A reminder to parents that if a student is not going to be present at school, or needs to leave early, the College must be informed. Please call, email or send your student to school with a note so that we can issue an early leaver’s pass. It is vital that we have this information so that we can accurately track students’ attendance.

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

Faith and Mission

Reflection Days

At the heart of the mission of the College is to develop and nurture the faith of our students. It is hoped that when students attend Reflection Days, it allows them to spend some time discerning, revisiting and reflecting on the Lasallian charism.

Reflection Days are also wonderful opportunities for all students to take a step back, develop their reflective capabilities and nourish their personal faith journey. This is explored through presentations, small group discussions and retreat style activities.

This year, all our Reflection Days have been full of energy and enthusiasm. Both the Youth Mission Team (YMT) and the Lasallian Mission Team did a great job of engaging our students, finding ways to have them reflect on the gift of their own uniqueness, realising the potential and value they have; and ways of knowing Jesus as an intimate friend.

Charitable Food Donations

Thank you to all families who have been sending in donations of non‐perishable food items and toiletries. Your generous donations will support the following organisations;

There is a real need each winter especially to support the many struggling families and individuals who go without. As Lasallians, we are called to do the work of Jesus Christ and, in the words of our founder St John Baptist de La Salle, “make Christ known to others.” Please continue to send in your donations of non‐perishable food items until the last day of Term Three.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal — Faith and Mission

Kinnoull Campus

Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion to Dandenong Law Courts

On Thursday 12 September, the Year 11 Legal Studies class attended the Dandenong Magistrates and Drug Court. Here they witnessed two approaches to sanctioning. In the Drug Court, students had the opportunity to observe defendants who are to undertake a program aimed at rehabilitating them, breaking the cycle of crime that is underpinned by their drug use.

The students were also shown a problem‐solving approach where the Magistrate takes a key role in helping the offenders to avoid jail and work towards abstinence and a clean record devoid of reoffending. This system has a 40% success rate of offenders cleaning up their act and staying out of jail. The presiding Magistrate spoke to the students about his role and explained how this is a more effective way of dealing with drugs and mental health issues rather than the traditional methods of imprisonment. He said it encourages greater accountability and supervision. The program’s immediacy swiftly providing eligible offenders with an environment that is supportive, safe and life reforming.

It was also most fortunate the students heard from a Drug Treatment Order Participant who was in attendance as part of his conditions. The man gave his perspective on the program, having had served three years in jail. He said it made him accountable, supported and he felt he was not alone. The Magistrate concluded by emphasising the destructive nature of drugs on young lives, their relationships and the community as a whole.

Finally, the students moved on to the more traditional, adversarial side of the court process. Students witnessed the reality of the custodial process of bail, contesting charges, remand, whilst also hearing the manner in which Magistrates balance the rights of the victims, rules of evidence and other factors they take into consideration when sentencing offenders.

Overall, the court visit allowed all students to see the way the legal system touches the lives of so many and how it is not as glamorous and smooth as it is represented on American crime dramas.

Mrs Sarah Blaschak‐Brooks
Year 11 Legal Studies Teacher

The “Good News” for our Senior RE students

This year has seen the introduction of four new Year 10 Religious Education units.

They are;

  • Jesus — Why is He so special?
  • The Gospel Code
  • The influence of religion on Art and Music
  • The Church — Past Present and Future

Students have been novices in these courses and enjoyed the fruits of the Year 10 teachers’ labours to flesh out engaging lessons.

For example, students explore the unique words, actions and ministry of Jesus in Jesus — Why is He so special?. How was He so different from others of his time and era to the extent that actors have risked precariously hanging from a cross to depict his life, death and resurrection on the Hollywood set? If Jesus lived next door, what impact would He have on you, and your neighbourhood, and how would you feel, and the community be influenced by his presence and actions? An interesting point to ponder!

The Gospel Code unlocks the ‘secrets’ behind the author’s intent of the Gospels. Writing in such an era AD, the audience was far different, with a different lifestyle culture, and outlook on life, a time capsule removed from an audience of today. This unit steps back in time to unlock the hidden socio‐cultural influences on the texts, looking also at themes the author emphasized.

Michelangelo could “see the figures” inside the marble before he sculpted it. Devout Christian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music is heavenly at its best, full of passion and poise. Indeed, the artists and musicians of history through to today’s inspirational painters such as Sieger Koder and modern Christian musicians including evangelical rappers, all have influenced the rich tapestry of art and music and blessed us with their work. The influence of religion on Art and Music was taken on by creatively minded men and their comrades who were interested in dipping into this unit for its colour and beat!

The fourth unit, The Church: Past Present and Future, explores the early Church (its rifts, splits and reformations); the current branches of the Church in a state of flux and reform; and thirdly, students projecting their own voice, vision and contribution toward a future Church.  

The other “good news” in the Religious Education department, is that these Year 10 students will have a choice in Year 11, 2020 of Unit 1 or Unit 2 Religion and Society. Unit 1 explores Australian Indigenous spirituality, from the beginning, and the introduction of other religions into Australia. The current Year 11 Unit 2 Religion and Society has a strong ethics theme weaving through it. Year 12 students will have a combined Seminar Program and Community Engagement (Ministry Options) Program launched next year also.

How privileged we are to serve our Senior Years men a holistic Curriculum, fuelling their intellectual, physical and spiritual enrichment here at De La Salle!

Ms Kathryn Holewa
LATL – Religious Education