The Duce Issue 2019 08 - 6 June 2019

From the Principal

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the annual conference for the Principals Association of Catholic Secondary Schools of Victoria. The keynote speaker, presenting four workshops over two days was Dr Anna Rowlands, St Hilda Associate Professor of Catholic Social Thought and Practice, Lecturer in Contemporary Catholic Theology and Deputy Director the Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham University, England.

Dr Rowlands’ key theme for the conference was Catholic Social Teaching, which covers all spheres of life – the economic, political, personal and spiritual, with human dignity at its centre. While I understand this sounds very serious and philosophical at first glance, it is very easy to unpack and relate to our everyday responsibilities as staff and students in a Catholic school.

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) shapes and influences our work in the Catholic system, working along accepted principles such as Life and Dignity of the Human Person, Call to Family, Community and Participation, Rights and Responsibilities, Solidarity, Option for the Poor and Vulnerable and the Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers.

Dr Rowlands was terrific in her ability to interpret CST for contemporary use for school leaders, teachers, education support officers and indeed, students. CST really informs the story we tell ourselves about being human. Dr Rowlands’ key points included CST as:

  • Social AND political by nature;
  • Primarily relational;
  • Virtue and capacity‐oriented: obligations and rights;
  • Grounded in universal common good, expressed in communities of every scale;
  • Constituted by the option for the poor – a pedagogy of the poor;
  • Dignity: personal and communal dimensions.

It is gratifying to see so many of these intrinsic CST principles present and visible in our daily work at De La Salle College. They tie in very nicely with our Five Core Principles of a Lasallian Education and emphasise the social nature of our school, where respect, positive relationships and considering others are integral to what we do each day.

It is an important message to reiterate with all in our community – “Only the recognition of human dignity can make possible the common and personal growth of everyone.”

Together with equality in the recognition of the dignity of each person and of every people, there must also be an awareness that it will be possible to safeguard and promote human dignity only if this is done as a community.

Dr Anna Rowlands

The critical test as to how well we, as a community, adhere to the principles of CST is how much we support the most socially and economically marginal. For our Malvern community that means we look after all in our school equally and ensure each young man and each staff member feels safe, known and supported. Beyond the school boundaries, it relates to supporting needy families or those temporarily experiencing tough times. Further afield, our social justice awareness and actions reach out to the underprivileged in so many Lasallian missions around Asia.

In closing, this commitment to Catholic Social Teaching can be summed up in Pope Francis’ four verbs on the subject:

  • To welcome;
  • To protect;
  • To promote;
  • To integrate.

When we commit as a school to these combined actions, we go a long way to protecting, supporting and developing all in our community — a Lasallian duty of justice, civility and solidarity.

Pope Francis released a statement recently to acknowledge the 300th anniversary of St John Baptist de La Salle’s death, urging the Lasallian Brothers and lay partners to continue their educational mission with the zeal of their founder.

Dear spiritual children of St John Baptist de La Salle, I urge you to deepen and imitate his passion for the least of these and the rejected.

Pope Francis to the Brothers, May 16 2019

Mr Peter Houlihan

Music at De La Salle

In the Music Department, we operate from the belief that the benefits of music to the individual — in terms of cognitive, physical, interpersonal and intrapersonal, emotional and spiritual development (and much more besides) — are unlimited. We foster our students’ sense of belonging and confidence, in an atmosphere of fun with a commitment to excellence.

Sometimes I question myself as I awake early in the morning, often before the sun has risen, in order to arrive at school for a 7:30 rehearsal. Being the first one at school is never a good thing for my sleep schedule, but as soon as we are set up and playing, my doubts are erased. The brilliance of playing challenging music with peers from all year levels and Houses never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Music at De La Salle is an extremely enriching experience that you can take in any direction you see fit, whether that be playing in a rock band, singing in a choir or learning an instrument on your own. The range of musical capabilities and interests present at our school combine to form the plethora of passion us musicians see on display every day. The opportunities I have been presented with at De La Salle have enabled me to grow as a musician throughout the past six years.

I implore anyone who wishes to become involved to do just that.

Joel D. Thompson
Music Captain, 2019

Music is in full swing at De La Salle College. Indeed, the month of May could well be renamed ‘Music Month’, as the music students and Music Department staff worked together with true Lasallian Spirit to deliver numerous exciting and memorable performances.

The month began with the great success of the annual College musical production Mary Poppins, staged in collaboration with Our Lady of Sacred Heart College. The fine talent upon the stage was matched by that found below in the orchestra pit. With a four‐month commitment to weekly rehearsals, the musicians of De La Salle College succeeded in performing this difficult work with great verve and accuracy, supported by only a few staff and professionals.

The following Tuesday evening, the rescheduled Welcome Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral featured the much‐expanded College Choir and liturgical ensemble, who performed with sensitivity and devotion, lending this important occasion for new Lasallians a befitting grandeur.

Two days later, a selection of the developing musical talent in the Year 9 cohort led the celebrations at the Holy Eucharist Campus Opening Ceremony.

My name is Abraham and I play in three of the school music ensembles. I am in the Flute Ensemble, play flute in the Senior Concert Band, and guitar in the Stage Band.

The Senior Concert Band plays medleys from movies as well as some classical pieces. The Stage Band plays many jazz, rock, funk songs, and is my personal favourite.

My favourite piece to play from senior Concert Band is the Blues Brothers’ Medley and from Stage Band, my favourite is Splanky.

The De La Salle music department has created many lasting memories for me, and I am excited about getting to go on Music Tour later this year.

The De La Salle music program has been great for me and has helped me to develop as a musician. I love being involved.

Abraham Pearce, Year 9

A combined Music Staff / Year 12 ensemble performed at the Tiverton Campus for the Tercentenary Mass for our founder St John Baptist De La Salle. A major highlight of this occasion was the rendition of the Tercentenary theme song, One Heart, One Life, One Commitment.

Our VCE musicians were again the centre of attention for the Unit 1 and 3 Recital Night, held in the Performing Arts Centre. Staff and parents in attendance were in equal measure charmed and startled by the high quality of performances by our students, as they executed extremely challenging works with poise and finesse.

The final May musical event was an evening celebrating the wealth of musical life at our College, as all ensembles — Junior, Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands, the Stage Band, the Year 12 funk group Where’s Fletcher?, the Choir and Chamber Choir, the Brass, Saxophone, Percussion, Guitar, Woodwind and String ensembles — performed an amazing diversity of musical styles at the inaugural Autumn Concert.

Please click here for the full Autumn Concert 2019 Photo Gallery.

My name is Harry McInneny, and I am a member of Stage Band, Intermediate band and choir. As well as this, I was recently involved in the School Musical, Mary Poppins. With all of these ensembles and experiences, I’ve learnt to better understand the music that I play, and continue to improve my playing and note reading skills.

Through the school music program, some friends and I formed a band, because of this, we had the chance to perform at the year 10 formal. As the singer of the band, I was nervous at first because it was my first time performing in front of an audience, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, and it was a great confidence booster.

Harry McInenny, Year 10

Looking ahead, the Music Department is busy preparing further exciting events before the term is complete. The Year 7 Bands Concert (also featuring the burgeoning Junior Concert Band and a Year 10 ensemble) will be a highly entertaining event, whereupon we will uncover the next generation of musical talent.

The Chamber Choir will perform an exciting a cappella version of Pharrell Williams’ Freedom at the upcoming Year 12 Seminar Day.

Finally, the Co‐Curricular Assembly on the final day of Term 2 is set to be a grand celebration of Music, Drama and Art, with quite a few surprises in store for the school community as we raise the roof of the Gym in a one‐hour showcase of our diverse ensemble program.

Music is a core element of our daily life at De La Salle College. We are always welcoming new musicians, so if you would like to know more about the ensemble and individual programs offered, please contact the Music Department. Please email Music Administration Officer, Ms Susan Jost or call on (03) 9508 2136 for more information

Mr Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

For those still asking… Where’s Fletcher? Fletcher Bird, Music Captain, Class of 2018

Faith and Mission

Message of Pope Francis to the De La Salle Brothers and Lasallian Family

As Lasallians, and in line with our Catholic Teachings and Lasallian Charism, we are drawn to listening to the Spirit in our lives and nurturing an active response from all those we encounter in our community.

The imperative to respond to “the least, the last, and the lost” is integral to all Lasallians.

Recently, Pope Francis welcomed De La Salle Brothers, lay Lasallians and groups of students, where he referred to St John Baptist De La Salle as “a pioneer in the field of education, who created an innovative education system for his time” and stating, that his “legacy is still remarkable today for its vision of the school, the concept of the teacher and innovative teaching methods.”

Furthermore, in news from the Vatican, Pope Francis addressed the De La Salle Brothers on the Anniversary of the Tercentenary of the Founder St John Baptist de La Salle, asking them to “continue their passion to educate those discarded by society and…provide hope for a new life.”

Please click here to read the message from Pope Francis.

Click here to read the article from the Vatican News.

In this Tercentenary year, our hearts and minds are opened as educators by the inspiration of St John Baptist de La Salle. As he described the founding work of St John Baptist de La Salle, Pope Francis’ words remind us that “Teaching cannot be just a job, but a mission.” A Lasallian education is based on God’s love, asking us to have unconditional regard for one another, just as God has unconditional regard for us. Relationships are at the core of our work. We recognise that we are brother and sister to one another, in an academic and spiritual environment where the wellbeing of every student is at the centre.

Live Jesus in our hearts!

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission


Be You

This time of year can be tricky – the weather is cold, the days are short, the flu is going around. It is normal to feel stressed, tired and over it – and it may be that your son is feeling this way!

In order to support your son’s wellbeing and mental health, I would like to direct you to the new initiative between Beyond Blue and Headspace – Be You. Be You is a resource for educators, providing professional learning, fact sheets and other information to teachers and school staff in the domain of positive mental health. Teachers at De La Salle have been engaging with this resource, and completing modules designed to help them notice and support students who may be having a hard time. Even though the website is targeted at educators, please feel free to log on and have a look.

Be You also has a specific community for families on Facebook, which is designed to help parents and families support young people to be their best. Please click here to open the group page on Facebook (Facebook account required).

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

Learning and Teaching

New arrangements for the delivery of Semester Reports

Traditionally, students’ academic reports have been produced as paper documents, mailed to families at the conclusion of the semester. This practice will be changing from Semester One of this year. There are a number of reasons for this, leading to what is expected to be a more efficient and effective delivery of reports to students and parents.

End of Semester Reports detail the progress, achievements and areas for improvement for each subject a student has been in enrolled in for a semester. In addition, a Mentor Report describes the student’s involvement in the broader life of the College. Semester reports are one part of the communication of feedback about learning that happens throughout the year. Others include Parent/Student/Teacher interviews, email, phone conversations and progressive reporting through the College’s online learning management system, OLLIE.

Rather than printing and mailing out Semester Reports in June, as was previously the practice, this year, reports will be available to parents and students as secure pdf files through OLLIE. The benefits of this include a dramatic reduction in paper, printing, mailing and handling costs. Also, the reports will be available immediately to families who may not be at home at the time of postal delivery, as long as they have internet access. A step‐by‐step guide for accessing students’ reports via OLLIE was emailed to all parents recently, along with the College’s OLLIE Usage Guide.

The OLLIE portal is a completely secure repository. It is built upon the Schoolbox platform, configured for the needs of our school. Schoolbox is a large and established company, servicing schools locally and internationally. Their product is highly regarded across the education sector. Since our adoption of Schoolbox in 2016, there has been complete confidence in its in‐built security measures and its alignment with our College‐wide IT security systems.  

OLLIE also has the capacity for us to provide new ways of handling communication about academic progress in the future. Results and other feedback may be entered on OLLIE, for students and parents to see, as things happen. The immediacy of this kind of feedback is most useful for the learning process. It provides information about progress during the semester, enabling quick understanding and action, rather than the need to wait for the end of the semester when it is likely to be more difficult to act on a set of results in the most constructive way. The College is in the process of reviewing the best way to further exploit the power of what is commonly referred to as ‘Real Time Reporting’. It is a method of communicating progress to students and parents that has been used in Victorian schools for over a decade and has since been adopted as the primary vehicle for reporting by many schools. There will be no significant change to Semester Report content and our use of Real‐Time Reporting this year, however, the intention is to implement a new system sometime in 2020. More information about this will come in due course.

We are confident that the new method for delivering Semester Reports as PDF files via OLLIE will be an improvement on the previous one. Parents will be notified by email once their son’s reports are available to access via OLLIE. The reports will be uploaded on Friday 28 June.

Should parents wish to receive a report on paper via the post, they must contact College Administration Services. Please email by Monday 17 June should you wish to receive a paper report for your son.

Mr Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Holy Eucharist Campus

On Monday 27 May, Holy Eucharist Campus hosted a truly meaningful evening for 50 of our Year 9 students and a significant woman in their life.

De La Salle College is incredibly proud of the relationship we are building with the Rites of Passage Institute and it is our Year 9 students that are the beneficiaries.

This institute was founded by Dr Arne Rubinstein. Arne is an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development, with 30 years’ experience as a medical doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. Last night was about aiding important conversation between Year 9 students and a woman close to them – strengthening relationships and providing support in this transitional year. Rites of Passage workshops continue throughout Year 9.

Mr David Alexander
Head of Campus — Holy Eucharist, Year 9

Tiverton Campus News

Year 7 and Year 8

Responding to parent and student concerns about cyber safety can be very challenging in this day and age.  Our students have been born into an online world and we, together with parents, have a responsibility to guide young people through this space as safely as possible. 

Earlier in the year, our Year 7 and 8 students heard from Ms Susan McLean about the appropriate use of their devices and balancing this with some “green time”. She is the most highly qualified Australian Federal Government eSafety certified educator. The session was delivered with clarity and humour and challenged all students to stop and think about what they do online and what the consequences might be for them not only today but for the rest of their lives. As part of our ongoing education of students in this sphere, our Year 7 and 8 students are constantly reminded in our weekly Year level assemblies to report any issues that impact their safety and to speak openly with parents about what is happening to them.

We also welcomed Susan to speak to our parent cohort and her presentation on Respect and Responsibility was straight to the point. She recounted episodes from her extensive experience in this space, from her first report of cyberbullying in 1994 to her training with the FBI, her visit to Facebook’s HQ and her work with the AFL and other organisations.  If you would like some extra information on cyber‐safety, please go onto The College School TV page and explore some of the resources.

Uniform Standard Guidelines

De La Salle adheres to Restorative Practices in managing issues regarding students in the hope that students will understand the vital role they play in the community. It is an expectation that all students follow the below mentioned uniform policy, especially in the coming weeks before the end of Term 2 and we thank you for your cooperation on these matters:

Students are expected to wear clothing which is clean, tidy and well maintained.

  • Shoes should be clean and polished. All students are required to wear black leather school shoes with the school uniform, without exception.
  • Neat haircuts are required, with hair to be groomed at all times. Hair must be above the collar and the fringe length must be off the face and not tucked behind the ears. Examples of inappropriate styling include, but are not limited to: tails, mohawks, shaved heads, ponytails, dreadlocks, undercuts, mullets, lines, hair cut shorter than No. 2 clipper/combs and extreme high fade. There is no variation to normal hair colour.
  • Jewellery, except for a watch and a religious medal (cross) on a necklace, is not to be worn with the College uniform. Jewellery including ear, tongue and/or facial rings (even when covered with tape), wrist bands/bracelets and rings on fingers are not acceptable.
  • Students are not permitted to have visible tattoos.
  • Students are to be clean shaven at all times.

Students who fail to meet College expectations regarding appearance and uniform may be sent home by the Year Level/House Coordinator or Director of Students.

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students, Years 5 — 8

Primary News

The Year 5 and 6 teachers have been working hard updating their class network Ollie pages over the course of the first few weeks in Term 2. The Year 5 and 6 pages contain the following information:

  • Literacy Parent Term Overview
  • Numeracy Parent Term Overviews
  • Inquiry and RE Parent Term Overviews
  • Samples of schoolwork (also located on One Note)

We believe it is important for the boys and their families to start navigating these Ollie pages as all Year 7 students are able to access their assignments and homework online via this system. This learning management system allows parents to keep track of their child’s deadlines and assignments. The partnership between home and school is a collaborative venture to ensure the holistic development of each student towards the fulfilment of their true potential.

We have also started planning for Term 3 and have organised a few incursions/excursions at this stage:

  • Stonnington Council Sustainability Schools Program (Tree Planting) on Friday 26h July
  • Science Inquiry Excursion on Friday 13 September (venue to be decided)
  • Lacrosse Incursion with the Malvern Lacrosse Club two Friday afternoons in August
  • Dendy Sports Basketball Hoop Time in August. Trainings will be every Tuesday and Friday.

The Primary students also undertook their inquiry excursion to the Port Phillip Eco Centre in St Kilda on Wednesday 22 May. The students focused on the impact of human activity. We are looking forward to going to the MCG on Tuesday 18 June as they continue their exploration of leadership with the Melbourne Football Club. Students are to please wear their sports uniform for that excursion.

Lastly, we are very pleased to celebrate the endeavours of some of the Year 5 and 6 students in the recently completed Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition. This competition, run by Australian Maths Trust, is a one‐hour problem‐solving competition designed to encourage student curiosity and promote multiple modes of thinking. Whilst not needing previous computer programming ability, the competition can work to identify students’ computer programming potential—something that they might not normally have the opportunity to demonstrate. The following students achieved these results:

  • Geordan Wain, Year 5 – Distinction
  • Robert Clemow, Year 5 – Distinction
  • Ethan Eustace, Year 6 – Credit
  • Rick Foley, Year 6 – Credit
  • Straun Buick, Year 6 – Credit
  • Lucas Exell, Year 6 — Credit

Congratulations on those fine results!

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students, Years 5 — 8

Sports News


Senior Seconds XVIII Round Five Match Report

  • De La Salle 11.9.75 defeated Salesian 11.8.74
  • Best: S. Lanigan, T. Shannon, S. Paine
  • Goals: T. Shannon (4), M. Morffew (2), Baulch, Doolan, King, Reed, Waterstone

There were two burning questions on the lips of the Kinnoull cohort this week. Would salmon be replaced by parmigiana on the Year 12 Formal Dinner menu, and would the Seconds finally secure a win against Salesian in the battle on Wednesday?

The Cellar Dweller Cup was fought out on a magnificent autumn afternoon at the picturesque TH King Oval. The conditions were ripe for a free‐flowing, invigorating contest, and that is exactly what ensued.

Yet again, De La Salle was without the services of a number of key players. Joel Lagastes, Manny “The Man” Gashi and Aiden “Hulk” Yates were all unavailable.

As has become the pattern for the 2019 Twos, at times we looked fabulous with sparkling passages of play; on other occasions we looked diabolical with loose or non‐existent marking of opponents and fundamental skill errors that have the coaching staff tearing out what little hair they have left.

Salesian, after a couple of strategic moves around the midfiled brigade, brought themselves right back into the contest. By the final break, scores were level. The crowd was set for a tense and nerve‐wracking final quarter.

Our first ten minutes was ordinary, but the final ten minutes of the first quarter was well‐oiled. The second quarter saw DLS pile on five goals to one and commanding a 40 point lead at the main break, epitomised by the dominating performance of Travis Shannon. He took strong marks, booted long goals, created contest and brought the ball to ground for such as Morgan “The Fish” Morffew, to crumb and snap handy majors.

Tough’, ‘uncompromising’ and ‘determined’ are words that would describe De La Salle’s approach to the game in this final act of the drama. Morffew’s snap over the left shoulder was the match winner, and won’t be easily forgotten by those who saw it.

There were many fine individual performances. Jonah “The Whale” Haberfield, along with Sam “Tilt” Lanigan were both outstanding with their resolute and no‐nonsense defensive efforts. The on‐ball brigade; Doolan, Reed and King maintained their usual high standard. Pat Muling was excellent, nailed numerous tackles and ensured every Salesian contested mark was hard won. Sam Paine’s runs off half‐back were inspiring. Ewan Baulch provided a much needed tall, muscular presence up forward.

I’m happy to report that both questions can be answered in the affirmative. The ‘parma’ is back and, yes, the Seconds won; albeit by the narrowest of margins.

Mr Gerard Barns
Senior XVIII Coach

7A AFL Football Report

  • De La Salle 6.5.41 defeated Mazenod 4.7.31
  • Best: Sheedy, Rigas, Breguet, Yze, Barling, Chiriano, McKlisky
  • Goals: Yze (2), Rigas (2), Lucas, Randerson

This report has taken extra time to write because I’ve been crying tears of joy, I’m on my fifth keyboard – the others have short‐circuited. Such a shift there has been in the world of sports politics.

Kicking against a 2–3 goal breeze, De La Salle were first on the board with a courageous goal against the wind. Mazenod were able to regain the ascendency kicking three for the quarter and took a twenty point lead. There were desperate efforts all over the ground including a stoic Sheedy settling the back six and providing plenty of rebound. Chiriano was providing first use in the ruck contests and was well support by McGrath and McAuliffe.

Ley again showed poise in the backline and was able to provide plenty of rebound across half back. Lucas and Rigas were good up forward and provided lots of options and were good around the goals. Their input in the second quarter was invaluable assisting De La Salle to outscore Mazenod three goals to one.

Coach Ryan provided the master move in the last quarter moving Randerson to the forward line. He combined with Rigas to kick two valuable goals and put the result beyond doubt.

A great win by the De La Salle team.

Mr Shaun Buckley
7A Football Coach

Parent Network News

Year 5 Family Catchup

The Year 5 Family Catch Up was held at Caulfield Park on Sunday 5 May.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet some new families and share a delicious afternoon tea.  The students had a fun afternoon kicking the footy and playing tag. 

Year 8 Family BBQ

Phoenix Park in East Malvern provided the perfect setting for the Year 8 Family BBQ, held on Saturday 18 May.  The wonderful weather contributed to a lovely day, with parents and students enjoying great company, lots of chatter and good food.

Year 9 Parents’ Get Together

All Year 9 parents are invited to meet up for a coffee and a chat after drop off next Thursday 13 June from 8:45am onwards at Jake & the Beans Talk Café, 510 Waverley Rd, Malvern East, just eight minutes’ walk from the Holy Eucharist Campus.

For booking purposes please RSVP to by Monday 10 June 2019. Any queries please contact your Year 9 YLR, Linda Curnow, on 0404 448 202 or Look forward to seeing you there!

Christmas In July Dinner

The Parent Network is excited to announce a new addition to the calendar; the “Christmas in July” Dinner, scheduled for Saturday 27 July. Tickets are selling fast so get your table together! Click here to book tickets.

Upcoming Events

Event Date Venue
Year 9 Parents Get Together Thursday 13 June from 8:45am Jake & the Beans Talk Café, Malvern East
Parents’ “Christmas in July” Dinner Saturday 27 July Merrimu
Father’s Day Breakfast Thursday 22 August Gym

Please add the dates of our upcoming events to your diary.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs Meagan Selkirk
President, De La Salle College Parent Network

Lasallian Zeal Awards

The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal aims to enhance the positive learning community whereby students feel respected and valued. It seeks to affirm and develop positive learning behaviours. The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal encourages students to set higher goals for themselves and to achieve their personal best. Motivation to learn is dramatically impacted by being successful.

The five Core Lasallian Principles encompass the categories of achievement and recognition and will be known as Lasallian Zeal. Students will build up nominations over the course of their time at De La Salle College. Students will receive a certificate and a Lasallian Zeal badge in the appropriate colour as described below.

  • Bronze Lasallian Zeal 10 awards in any category
  • Silver Lasallian Zeal 20 awards (10 Bronze Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Gold Lasallian Zeal 30 awards (20 Silver Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Platinum Lasallian Zeal 40 awards (30 Gold Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
Student NameHouseMentor GroupAward
Damian MoonSt Leo’s9 Group 9Bronze
Peter PearseSt Mark’s9 Group 9Silver
Henry AshtonSt Mark’s8 RolandBronze
James BorgeseSt Austin’s8 RolandBronze

Congratulations to all of the students receiving their awards.

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

Important Notices

Health Centre Notice

De La Salle College would like to ask for your co‐operation in an important matter. Members of our school community receive medical treatment which puts them at serious risk if they are exposed to infectious illnesses, in particular: chicken‐pox, measles, mumps or shingles.

For chicken‐pox, shingles and measles, a special protective injection is available, however, it is only effective if given within 72 hours of exposure, and only lasts for one month.

If your son is suspected of having one of these illnesses, it is very important that they do not attend school. It is also important that while your son is unwell they remain at home until they are no longer contagious.

If your son has chicken‐pox, measles, mumps or shingles or is suspected of having a contagious disease please contact the school immediately.

The College values your support for the wellbeing of all our students. Please don’t hesitate to contact De La Salle Health Centre, if you have any questions.

Mrs Kylie Upton,
De La Salle College Health Centre

PNG Clothes Drive – Tiverton and Kinnoull

For the remainder of Term 2, the Year 11 VCAL students and the Student Social Justice Group will be conducting a clothes drive. We are asking for your help in donating any good quality used clothes that you may not use anymore.

All clothes donated will be distributed to our Lasallian Communities in PNG, in particular, our schools in Bomana and Port Moresby.

The following items will be accepted:

  • pants
  • shorts
  • t‐shirts
  • shirts
  • jeans
  • singlets
  • skirts
  • dresses

Donations can be brought to school in a plastic bag, to be collected during morning Homeroom by the social justice group. We ask that each student please contribute at least ONE item of clothing.

The drive will end on 28 June (last day of Term 2). Please share this with your family and friends! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to support the social needs of our Lasallian communities who are in short supply of these types of goods. If you have any questions please ask any of the students completing Year 11 VCAL, Mr James Biviano or Mr Shane Mackintosh.

Mr Shane Mackintosh
St Austin’s House Coordinator

Capture your son’s school moments

Currently, over 180 students do not have permission to be featured in any school publications. Is your son one of them? Please take five minutes to check and update your permissions via the Community Portal today!

Mission Action Day Awards

The annual Mission Action Day Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the Co‐curricular Arts Assembly on Friday 28 June. The Mission Action Day awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of individual students in obtaining sponsorship money.

The highest individual fundraiser will be presented with the Ian Oliver Mission Action Award. Mr Ian Oliver, who retired from the College in 2015, was a driving force behind the success of Mission Action Day over many years. The top ten students will also be presented with a Certificate Of Recognition from Mr Houlihan.

The College once again congratulates all students on their efforts. The money you have raised will support many vital Lasallian development projects and initiatives in remote Australia and Asia.

The annual Mission Action Day raffle will also be drawn at the Assembly. Students will be allocated a raffle ticket for each $50 increment they raised. Three $70 gift vouchers will be presented, one for each campus.

There are a small number of students still in the process of collecting and returning their pledged sponsorship money. This money is now overdue and I ask students to attend to this as soon as possible, so our 2019 Mission Action Day Fundraiser can be concluded.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal, Staff and Operations

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates in the College calendar.

Semester One Examination Period - to 13 June
Primary 2020 Offers of place sent
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Year 9 Semester 1 Exams, 11 June to 13 June - Holy Eucharist Campus
Year 7 Bands Concert - PAC, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
GAT Testing - Gymnasium, 10:00am - 1:15pm
Semester One Concludes
Year 12 Formal - Lincoln of Toorak, 445 Toorak Rd, Toorak, 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Staff Professional Practice Day - NO CLASSES
Parent Network Committee Meeting - Holy Eucharist Campus, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Year 8 Lightning Premiership Football/Soccer - Basil Street Reserve, Malvern East, 10:35am - 3:0pm
Young Lasallian Team Retreat - Years 6, 7 and 8 Student Leaders - PAC, 8:55am - 3:05pm