De La Salle College

Fee Schedule

The College’s 2019 fees are set out below.

Annual Fees 2019

The following fees and charges have been approved for 2019. The fee charged per student is now all inclusive of the costs associated with the College notebook program, any software licences required and any College camps and retreats. These fees are to remain fixed throughout the year unless significant and unforeseen circumstances arise.

Year Level Tuition
Primary $9,615
Year 7 $11,957
Year 8 $11,957
Year 9 $11,957
Year 10 $11,957
Year 11 $11,957
Year 12 $11,957

Fee Schedule 2019 PDF

As ratified by the College Board in 2018, the College method of payment for Annual Tuition Fees is by scheduled payments; please refer to the College Fee Policy (effective 2019) for a full list of the payment plan options.

Family discounts

Families with more than one student at the College will now receive the following discounts:
Second child: 10%
Third child and subsequent: 25%

Early Payment Discount

Discount is offered for fee paid in full by the following due dates:
19 December 2018: $350.00
28 February 2019: $250.00

VET Electives

Please refer to the College Fee Policy

Extra Curricula Activities

Various student trips are offered annually. All costs associated with these trips are additional to the College Annual Tuition Fee charged. For students to participate in these trips, it is expected families will be on a full fee scheduled payment plan and their Annual Tuition Fee account is not in arrears. Payment of the trip costs is via TryBooking, parents will receive a letter to identify the costs of the trips.

Insurance excess on College‐allocated notebooks

The College will notify the family if the repairs to the device are not covered by the notebook warranty. An excess is payable on any insurance claim outside of the notebook warranty. Notification will be sent to parents to identify the amount to be paid.

Payment in full by the end of the school year

It is a College expectation that all family accounts are to be paid in full by the end of November each year. Student enrolment at the De La Salle College is based on, among other factors, acceptance of the College Fee Policy.

Financial assistance

Where families are experiencing financial hardship, consideration can be given on a case by case basis. A Fee Reduction application form can be requested by calling 9508 2100 or emailing All applications are confidential.