De La Salle College

Father’s Day Breakfast 2018

College Captain’s Speech

Good morning all, it gives me great pleasure to stand in front of you today to share a few words on what our fathers mean to us and their importance in our lives.

Before I begin, I would like to respect, thank and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land upon which we meet, the Wurundjeri people.

Today, my fellow brothers, we gather with our fathers to celebrate and recognise the immense amount of work our fathers do for us. To recognise the importance of the men beside us. There is a reason every time we are asked to describe a male figure in our life our fathers are always the first response.

What is it I see in my father that makes him so important to me? Without a doubt and I believe this is something we can all relate to is what our fathers have taught us throughout life. From the direct things he has said to me to the way he acts and behaves around others. By far the most important lesson for me and one that has stuck with me for life ever since I was told was “don’t be a sheep, be a shepherd.” My dad told me this when I was about seven and this has shaped who I have become today, how I behave around my friends, how I play my sport and how I appear to others. Without this I know for certain I would be a different person standing in front of you today.

Contrastingly, I would like to show the fathers how it’s your unconscious actions that also shape us. For me, personally, my father has demonstrated to me the importance of family and how important they are. When our own family members are sick or are in need of help dad literally drops everything to help out in any way possible, calls up before we go visit to check if they need anything and makes sure that they are as comfortable as possible. These actions that dad has just done naturally has taught me to put others before myself when they are in need and be a more caring and grateful person for what I have.

Being at an all-boy school we are asked to transform from boys to young men of society. We’re at De La not just to become academically successful but to leave the College as socially responsible and moral young men. An important aspect of this and one that comes up every year at our reflection days are the role models in our lives. Let me tell you that when it comes to male role models our dads are the most prominent option. This is no coincidence. Fathers — your actions shape us to become young men, the things you say, and the way you act and how you deal with others guide us to find our own pathway as men.

The father/son relationship is one that is indescribable, one that we all have and one that is unique to every single one of us. This is something that I cherish and I know my father does too. Today is the day that if you haven’t acknowledged this relationship you do this now. This day is one where we can celebrate this relationship and appreciate it for the beauty that it is. So, gentleman, I suggest we stop and pause to acknowledge the great man sitting beside us and say thank you.

Panos Menidis
College Captain 2018

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