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James Biviano’s College Captain 2017 Address

Brotherhood at Heart, Excellence in Mind, Service through Spirit

It gives me the greatest honour to stand before each of you today, ready to initiate the beginning of 2017, which marks the beginning of what is going to be an extraordinary year for all within our Lasallian community.

To our new staff, teachers and administration, I welcome you into this Lasallian family, and I’m sure your time spent here will be rewarding. To our new Year 7 and Year 4 students, on behalf of the staff, your fellow students, and myself I also welcome you into this Lasallian family. I hope your time spent at De La, becomes a journey as unforgettable for you as it is becoming for me. My advice to you is go through De La with no regrets, become involved in everything you can, and don’t be afraid to give something a go. Trust me — you will thank yourself later for getting involved now.

De La Salle is a school centred on community, with the goal of preparing young men for life outside the College. Opportunity — that is what the school offers you, academic excellence, sporting athleticism, social justice participation and a community of brothers that are here with you for life.

Opportunity is what gave myself and my fellow captains, Aaron and Leon, the ability to share a life-changing experience in Sydney. We were given the opportunity to meet other Lasallian students like ourselves from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and all over Australia. We saw firsthand how diverse the Lasallian community is, and how lucky we are to be able to call ourselves Lasallians. We learnt about servant leadership, and what it means to be leader, how to help and guide others, and how to “walk from the front, work from the middle, and push from the back.” The biggest lesson I took from the seminar was about uniqueness, and how important it is for every individual to risk their own vulnerability.

Let me ask you a question. What sort of life do see yourself living?

Do you see yourself falling victim to pressure of others around you, and being pushed down a path that others have laid down for you and expect you to follow? Or do you see yourself following your passions, chasing what inspires you and doing what motivates you? Well, it all starts right here in these walls at De La Salle, Malvern. This college offers each unique individual the opportunities they require to achieve success and discover their own path. It’s up to you to pursue these paths.

Every person standing in front of me is a Limited Edition, with unique qualities and traits, and each student present here today has the ability to become a greater person, a greater athlete, a greater musician, and to strive for academic excellence. You have the ability to use your uniqueness, not to conform to expectations, but to set the expectations, and to be better. Even if you’re not the best singer, athlete, debater or academic, put in 110% and your time at De La Salle will become something to remember what you put in is what you get out. I can promise everyone here that if you put 110% into every activity you get involved in you will get 110% back.

We are all men of action and service, we serve and act for others outside of our community, however we should also understand that we have the ability and obligation to serve those within our community and within the gates of De La Salle.

Our leadership team for 2017 intends to follow in the example of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, our founder, and we intend to serve each of you, and make De La the best possible platform for each student to achieve success. Our motto for this year is “Brotherhood at Heart, Excellence in Mind, Service through Spirit”, and each of us will endeavour to live this out as the year progresses.

Our 3 key areas of focus as a leadership team for 2017 are:

  • Excellence in both our studies and leadership
  • Presence, around the college, especially here on Tiverton, and
  • Involvement in our Houses, through our fundraising and house events.

To my brothers in Year 12, we are nearly home, put in the hard yards, and put in that 110%, so that you can look back, and be proud of the mark you left, on the people and on the community here at De La Salle College, Malvern.

There is something very special in this school, something that isn’t tangible, but can be seen at every ACC event or school swimming and athletics carnival, and that is a strong spirit, and I am going to endeavour to touch on the power of this De La spirit, I ask that all my Lasallian brothers stand shoulder to shoulder.



You can the boy out of De La, but you can’t take De La out of the boy.

James Biviano
De La Salle College Captain 2017


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