De La Salle College

Years 9 and 10

As leaders of Tiverton Campus in Year 9 or the fresh faces of Kinnoull Campus in Year 10, these years provide an exciting platform from which our young men begin to emerge. The key to this is fostering independence and striking a healthy balance between academic and co‐curricular pursuits.

Year 9

In Year 9, every student steps up to become a leader of the Tiverton Campus, setting a positive example for his peers as well as younger students. Students are excited to be choosing elective subjects for the first time and begin considering their future study and career paths.

With commitment and understanding, our Year 9 teachers guide the students through this important year. The boys are encouraged to establish an effective and consistent study routine both at school and at home.

Students continue to represent the College in regular ACC sport and cultural events during the year and are invited to apply to become College ambassadors, representing the College at various public events and leading tours for prospective parents.


Our Year 9 program (In9uiry) is designed to be authentic, meaningful, purposeful and distinctive to Year 9 students. In9uiry is all about:

  • Giving students opportunities to play a lead role in their own learning
  • Letting students make decisions about what they do, how they do it and who they do it with
  • Taking students out of their comfort zone and engaging them in new experiences and different ways of thinking
  • Teaching students valuable skills which will help them succeed in the 21st century.

City Experience

In Semester 1, Year 9 students work in teams to design and investigate an authentic real‐world problem in the City of Melbourne. They begin by creating an interesting and worthwhile driving question, which they then investigate, report back on, and make recommendations for the future. This project involves students spending four days in the City during Term 2, and they present the findings of their investigations at the In9uiry Expo night.

Rural Experience

In Semester 2, Year 9 students spend time in class learning about the great outdoors as they prepare for a weeklong Rural Experience in Victoria’s Snowy River National Park. Camp operator Outward Bound Australia leads students, and College staff, on a journey‐based expedition, where they engage in a range of fun and challenging activities. The Rural Experience takes place over a full school week in Term 4.

Lasallian Service

All Year 9 students participate in Lasallian Service, our community service program where students put into practice the Christian values and teachings that are an integral part of the College. Suggested placements include nursing homes, retirement villages, special schools, facilities that provide for the disabled, or any placement that will enable students to broaden their perspective on life.

Year 10

The exciting transition from Tiverton Campus to Kinnoull Campus brings new opportunities for our students. During this time we encourage students to take initiative and stretch themselves in their academic and co‐curricular pursuits.

There are many challenges facing Year 10 students, such as:

  • developing a better understanding of themselves
  • maturing at varying rates
  • maintaining and developing a deeper interest in education
  • finding areas and opportunities in which to excel
  • feeling a sense of achievement and progress.

Working together with our students, the Year 10 staff foster a culture where everyone is encouraged to discover and use his talents. Through this exploration students also gain a sense of just how many opportunities lay before them.

Camps and Exchanges

Eligible Year 10 students are also able to apply for a French and Italian study tour. These tours are conducted by language staff at the College and run on a biennial basis.

The Philippines Cultural Exchange program also provides the opportunity for overseas travel for students who are interested in social justice.

Years 9 and 10 Curriculum

At Year 9 the focus is on consolidating core subject knowledge and developing strong study habits that will set students up for the senior years ahead. Students study the core subjects of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography (one semester of each) and Health & Physical Education, and have access to Literacy Support if required.

Students then choose the elective subjects which most capture their interest, choosing two of either LOTE: French (continued), LOTE: Italian (continued), Art, Drama, Literature, Materials Technology, Media, Music and Photography (Digital) at each semester (four units in total across the year).

With 45 subject choices on offer, the Year 10 curriculum is designed to provide a wide range of opportunities to meet the needs of each individual, whether they want to go on to become a teacher, doctor, scientist, journalist, accountant, or author; work in trade; work in technology; or even work in a job that is yet to exist.

Students can choose from a range of innovative subject choices within a study area, with five English, four Maths and four Science subjects, as well as a range of LOTE, History and Technology subject choices on offer. All Year 10 students study VCE Unit 1 Religion and Society.

Our Year 10 curriculum allows specialisation of study and personalisation of pathways, meaning there is something to suit every young man.

Learn more with the Curriculum Handbook

To learn more about the teaching and learning arrangements for Years 9 and 10, we encourage you to view or download the Curriculum Handbook.