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Mother’s Day Breakfast — College Captain’s address

On Wednesday 3 May 2017, the College’s Parent Network hosted a Mother’s Day Breakfast, celebrating the important role mothers and female carer’s play in the education of our students. Over 550 people attended this event, at which our 2017 College Captain, James Biviano read a moving reflection on ‘what our mothers mean to us’.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone present here today especially our mothers.

As we gather today, we take a moment to slow down in our busy lives and take a step back, and we spend this time not thinking about upcoming sacs or homework due next period, but we spend this time thinking about our mothers and what they mean to us.

What does your mother mean to you?

I took the time to ask this question firstly to my younger cousins and then to a few of my mates and the responses that I received were heart-warming and gave me goose bumps.

When asking my younger cousins. What does your mum mean to you? Some responses I received were:

She is the heart of me.”

She is the heart of my life.”

She is everything.”

I then went to a few of my mates, and I asked the same question, and I’ll share a few of the responses because they symbolise the impact that mothers have on their sons.

Mum is there to accept you and to love you. No matter who you become, what you do and regardless of the mistakes you’ve made, mum loves you unconditionally.”

Mum is my rock who is always there to support me, she always has my back. She is the most loving and caring person and does so much for the family that I am forever grateful.”

Mum is the most important person to me, she has been there to guide me through the struggles and joys of life. She understands me best and is always someone I can turn to whenever things aren’t looking great and she has the power to put me in a state of happiness no matter what the situation is. We may have disagreements from time to time but I am so proud of the job she has done to raise me to be the person I am today, I am forever thankful for everything she has done and could not have asked for a better mother to be there by my side in life.”

A Jewish proverb writes, “A mother understands what a child does not say.”

Indeed, there exists a dynamic between mother and children. Mothers can hear sentences in the silences of their children. Mothers have the special gift of intuition because it gives them a strong sense of what is right for their children; what they are good at and how they may excel in the future.

The bond between a mother and her son is still today not fully understood and is often taken for granted. This bond between mother and son, and speaking from personal experience, is like a strong flame that does not go out, at times it can be dim … yet it is ever burning. This is the flame of love.

A quote from an unknown source reads, “Your son will hold your hand only for a little while but he will hold your heart for a lifetime.” This quote really spoke to me.

Mothers have often shaped our world, nurturing and instructing children who grow up to make life-changing and history making accomplishments. For every priest, prime minister, volunteer worker, tradie, fashion designer, technician, community worker, doctor, caregiver … there is a mother behind them who fostered her child to reach their full potential.

Their mother has fashioned them into the man or woman that renews the world.

I do what I want, when I want, where I want … if my mum says it’s ok.

We all want to be independent and discover the world; however, for some reason as a son, getting the okay from mum means the world.

One thing I find myself doing when I am at home is always asking, “Where is mum?”

I don’t ask “where is mum” because I need to ask her for help or because I want to chat, but I ask because I just feel better knowing where she is, if she is shopping or at work, it eases my mind knowing where she is.

I believe in love at first sight, because I have loved my mum since I opened my eyes.

For all sons and mothers present here today, this is more than a day of celebration. It is a day of recognition, of the sacrifices and love our mothers have brought into our lives.

So please raise your cups and glasses as we make a toast to the greatest woman in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

I love you.”

James Biviano, College Captain 2017


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