De La Salle College

Rise Catholic Youth Festival 2018

Reflection from the Lasallian Youth Minister

The Year 9 leaders were given the opportunity to attend “Rise” a Catholic Youth Festival for young people ranging from 13 to 25 years old. At the festival, there was live music, speakers, and workshops.

Our students listened to Mr Pat Keady speak about “Daring to Dream”. Pat commented that sometimes God has dreams bigger dreams for you than you may have anticipated. We were really inspired by his words and his vibrant energy on stage.

Next, the Year 9 students and I attended a workshop run by Father Dean from St Francis of Assisi Primary School. The topic of this workshop was “Real Men Don’t Talk, They Do.” Father Dean used Saints to relate how men are men of action, and even though they will make mistakes along the way, they are not afraid to keep going forward.

I stressed that if younger students see the older ones talking about their emotions, it allows others to open up and then make young men feel as though they have an outlet to talk to. When our leaders connect with people, it has a flow-on effect, whereby many students can be reached, and given the gift of feeling that they can open up to other students within the school.

Following Father Dean’s session, I then ran a workshop for our leaders. Firstly, we discussed the talk given by Father Dean. I initially thought that the title “Real Men Don’t Talk, They Do,” was going to address the need to change the stigma around men not talking. So I spoke with the students about how, as Lasallian Leaders and role models they can start a culture of men talking about their lives and feelings at school. I explained that if younger students see older students talking about their emotions it will encourage them to open up, and will create a culture where our young men feel as though they have an outlet to talk to. I stressed that if the Leaders connect to as many people as they can, then this could have a flow on effect where students feel as though they can open up to others within the school. After talking about “Real Men Don’t Talk, They Do,” I continued to talk about leadership and how Student Leaders can impact the lives of the other students around them. I did this by playing a game which connected the students to one another. I stressed that if Leaders cannot create community relationships within their group, then they cannot teach a sense of community to a whole school.


At the end of the workshops, students were able to get some food and talk amongst themselves in a festival environment. The students found the “Rise” festival to be very beneficial and really enjoyed the day. I too really enjoyed the event, as it gave me a chance to speak to our Year 9 Leaders and share with them skills and tips on how to continue to be excellent leaders, as they will hopefully apply for a leadership role in Year 12 too!

Mr Aaron Trusler
Lasallian Youth Minister




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