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Young Lasallian Leadership Retreat 2018

Great experience and exposure to the essential qualities of a leader. It gave us a clear perspective on things we can contribute to the community around us.”
Tom Seddon – Year 9 St Mark’s House Captain

It is a fabulous thing to do for leaders to help you learn better leadership skills like being inclusive, being a good role model, being encouraging and lots more things.”
Samuel Hillemacher – Primary Vice-Captain

The Young Lasallian Leadership Retreat was excellent. We got to meet some of the other Tiverton Captains and I learnt that you can have some fun and games being leaders but there is also time for being serious.”
Angus Gill – Primary Captain

The Young Lasallian Leadership Retreat will be in my memory for a long time because the activities were great and getting to know other leaders through these activities was fun. Everyone was saying their ideas and people listened and collaborated really well.”
Salvatore La Torre – Primary Vice-Captain

The Young Lasallian Leadership Retreat was lots of fun and the instructors, Damo, Phil, Josh, Pat and our Aaron helped us to understand leadership and build our skills.”
Zane Maillard – St Edwin’s Primary Captain

I enjoyed the day lots and recommend it for years to come. We played lots of activities in a fun way that still taught us how to be good leaders.”
Robert Graham – St Leo’s Primary Captain

This was an experience I won’t forget. I got to build on my skills and learn a lot about leadership. It helped me to think about how to handle big crowds and bad situations and I would recommend it to everyone.”
Hugh Florance – St Mark’s Primary Captain

The Young Lasallian Leadership Retreat was really outstanding because I learnt the true qualities of a leader and how to become a better leader. I got better at speaking up in front of everyone because I didn’t have much confidence. I also met some new friends. I hope to be there next year as a Year 7 leader.”
Thomas McAuliffe — St Austin’s Primary Captain


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