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Primary Report

Recently, students attended the Semester One Academic Awards. Awards were presented by Principal Peter Houlihan and Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching, David Alexander. The award recipients were:
Year 5 Academic Achievement Award – Lucas Maillet
Year 5 Academic Endeavour Award – Zachary Bidychak
Year 6 Academic Achievement Award Gi Hwan Yang
Year 6 Academic Endeavour Award – Dylan Ip
Dylan and Gi Hwan Academic awards Semester 1 year 6
Year 6 Academic Awardees, Dylan and Gi Hwan with Peter Houlihan
Each class is also reviewed for their work habits throughout the Semester to encourage all students to work hard and to live up to the Lasallian key values. The recent awards winners were:
Work Habit awards Year 5
Year 5 Work Habit Awardees with Peter Houlihan

Student Leadership

We are thrilled to present four new Primary leaders for Semester Two, they will all get a chance to assist with College tours and run assemblies. The new class captains are:
Zach and Harrison, Year 5 class captains
Harrison Squire and Zachary Bidychak –
Year 5 (Robin Lennon's Class)
Andreas and Stefan Year 5 class captains
Andreas Miltiadou and Lucas Maillet –
Year 5 (Jane Michael's Class)
Charlie Year 6 class captain
Charlie Griffiths –
Year 6 (Rachel Collins' Class)
Michael Year 6 class captain
Michael Parashos -
Year 6 (Sharon Bourke's Class)

Quality of Home Learning

Over the course of the year, Primary staff have discussed the importance of completing home learning tasks to consolidate learning in class. Students must also deliver the work to a high quality level. Most students are completing the tasks from the various subjects, however at times the quality of work has been only satisfactory. For students to progress, especially after the last two years, we continue to encourage quality work completion of all set tasks. Students will make up time at lunchtime and afterschool if work tasks are not completed or need to be resubmitted.

Primary MCG Excursion

As a part of the Physical Education and Health curriculum, Primary students attended an excursion to the MCG on Friday 22 July. Staff and students were treated to small group tours of the iconic sports area.
Students also visited the MCG Museum to play on a range of interactive games and listen to a presentation from Sydney 2000 Olympic bronze medalist, Dean Pullar (Men’s Synchronised Diving 3 Metre Springboard).
Primary MCG

Learning Expo and Year 6 Graduation

The Year 6 Graduation will occur on Thursday 1 December between 1:30 - 3:30pm in the PAC. The afternoon will commence with a learning expo in the Primary Duffy Building with all Year 6 students showcasing their work for the year. We will complete the graduation in the PAC with speeches and acknowledgments and afternoon tea supplied by the College. We hope all Year 6 parents can attend this important College event. More details to come.

Senior Media and VCAL Experiences

Through the GROW program, Year 6 students were lucky to work with our Year 12 Media students as we continue to focus on the importance of social skills leading into Year 7, 2023. Students were asked to articulate why their mothers are important in their lives and this was filmed by the senior Media students. A selection of videos will be played at the De La Salle Mothers’ luncheon on Friday 12 August.
As part of another Semester Two transition activity, Year 6 students will work with senior VCAL students to discuss the importance of healthy relationships and looking after our mental health
Mothers' Lunch Interviews

Primary Hoop Time

Primary students recently participated in the annual Primary Hoop Time basketball tournament at MSAC. We achieved fantastic results with the All Stars team winning their grand final against Sacred Heart Primary School by 12 points. The All Stars team and the Future Stars team will both progress to the regional finals in a few weeks’ time.

Many thanks to the coaches, especially Paul Munslow, student volunteers and all the parents who attended. Great De La Salle spirit shown all day by the students.

The Ranch Camp

All Year 5 and 6 students will attend camp at The Ranch from Monday 24 – Wednesday 26 October. Students will be bused to and from the venue and students will undertake a range of activities such as horse riding, flying fox, giant swing and a night walk. All students will have a day at home on Thursday 27 October to recover before a big end to the year. More details to come via Consent 2 Go and the next Primary Duce edition.

Hands Off Policy

All students are constantly reminded that we have a hands-off policy in line with our College Code of Conduct which each family signed when they enrolled their son. As part of our Positive Behavior Chart, students will receive Friday and Saturday detentions for such behavior, known as Level 1,2 or 3, based upon the severity of the actions and the behavior of the students involved.

As part of restorative practices approach students will undertake circle time to resolve the conflict and usually write a written apology in the hope of restoring the relationship with the impacted student. If this pattern continues, it can result in Level 4 and 5 actions which could be an internal or external suspension, and parent meetings with the College Executive.

All students need to feel safe, happy and well at school and we encourage all students to call out negative, physical behavior at school at all times. We appreciate your support of our College policies and procedures on these issues.

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