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The Duce is De La Salle’s monthly newsletter.  It is a community bulletin of current events, news and announcements and features articles by a variety of educators, College committees and the Principal.

Deo Duce”, the school motto, translates as “With God as Leader”.  Therefore “The Duce” translates as “The Leader”.

The Duce was relaunched in February 2021 with a new look and a new publishing platform.  The Duce 2021 is a fully responsive format, allowing easy reading on whatever device the reader is using.

The newsletter is a vehicle to keep students, staff, parents and our community connected.  The newsletter does not allow any advertising or promotional material, paid or unpaid.  If you would like to contribute or inform Marketing of any College related news, please email

To read the Primary Duce, a newsletter for all Primary students and parents, please click here. This newsletter is distributed twice a Term and includes important information relating to Year 5 and 6 students from Director of Students (Middle Years), Martin Gibbs.

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Duce Newsletters 2023

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