An integral part of our Music Program is the universal Music Classroom Program for every student in Years 5 to 7. De La Salle College is very proud of this well-resourced and established program which delivers our students the best possible start in Music education. Instruments are provided at no additional cost to parents from Years 5 to 7.

Years 5 to 6

In our year 5 and 6 Music Program, students learn to play the violin, cello or ukulele, and develop performance skills in solo and group contexts. They acquire the fundamentals of good tone production, and play their first tunes.

Years 7 to 9

Year 7 – Students experience the thrill and excitement of participating in a class concert band. Students receive expert tuition throughout a semester, learning in small groups on an instrument of their choice following instrumental trials. The instruments offered including Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Guitar and Percussion. With every Year 7 class taught simultaneously by five expert musicians, De La Salle College possesses a first-class Year 7 Music program.

Year 8 – Students develop their performance skills in learning to play a variety of songs on the Drumkit, the Keyboard and Acoustic Guitar. They broaden their musical horizons through the focused listening analysis of a wide survey of music from diverse musical cultures and eras. Students also develop their understanding of music theory and aural skills.

Year 9 – Our year 9 students learn how to differentiate performing in a range of musical genres. Students use music software to visually manipulate and aurally combine the elements of music. During theory work, they explore notation, chord structures, scales and rhythms to assist in reading music and in notating their creative ideas.

Year 10

Music Performance – Students work together in student-run ensembles and deliver a public performance. Students begin to make connections between theoretical, aural, and practical knowledge and apply it to diverse musical performance contexts. Students develop skills in reflecting upon their musical values and the processes of musical creativity in preparation for and delivery of a solo recital.

Sound & Lighting Production – Students develop a technical understanding of and practical familiarity with the range of activities within the fields of audio and lighting. Theory studies in a range of topics lead to live sound and studio applications. Students develop skills in using moving and fixed lights in a theatrical context. Further generic music listening skills are developed alongside specific analytical/technical listening skills.

VCE Music

At VCE level, students develop their performance and musical composition skills to a high level, devising and delivering substantial solo recitals, performing in group contexts, and creating original compositions which are performed in concert. Students develop their capacity to identify musical features and use appropriate musical terminology to discuss music of all styles and eras.

Ensemble Program

We have an extensive collection of large and chamber ensembles that cater to instrumentalists and singers at all levels of their musical development. There are countless opportunities for students to perform in a variety of contexts. The highlight of each year in Music is the annual Music Tour, which visits a different area of regional Victoria every winter. Weekly ensemble rehearsals are a core component to successful music learning. Students learning instruments in the Instrumental Music Program are encouraged to join one of the many ensembles that rehearse weekly.

Ensembles at De La Salle College include:

  • Junior, Intermediate & Senior Concert Bands
  • Classical Ensemble (High Performance)
  • Stage Band
  • Year 9 Rock Band (at HE Campus)
  • Vocal Ensemble and Liturgical Choir

Specialist ensembles:

  • Brass, Clarinet, Flute, Junior Guitar, Senior Guitar, Percussion, Saxophone, Junior Strings, Senior Strings

Performance opportunities for musicians at DLS include:

  • Three grand ensemble concerts a year (Autumn, Winter, Christmas)
  • Annual Instrumental Music Program & Vocal Soirees Series (September)
  • Two Junior Concerts (one in each semester)
  • Music Electives Performance Night & VCE Performing Arts Showcase Gala Night
  • The annual Music Tour, which visits a different area of regional Victoria every winter. Sixty musicians embark for three days to perform seven concerts at local primary and secondary schools.
  • Annual Battle of the Bands (for student-run bands) and Vocal Competition (Term 1)
  • DLS musicians also perform at masses, ceremonies, assemblies, and many other public and College events (e.g. College formals) throughout the year.

Regular music collaborations with other Colleges include:

  • DLS/Siena College Annual Senior Concert Band Collaboration (Term 1)
  • DLS/OLSH Annual Vocal Ensemble Collaboration (Term 2)
  • Annual co-production musical with OLSH College (Term 2)
  • ACC music workshops and Combined Concert @ Hamer Hall (held every three years)

Instrumental Music Program

Private tuition is available to all our student at an additional cost. The following instruments are available for this program:

Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Double Bass, Drumkit, Euphonium, Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Voice.

Our Instrumental Music Program includes the following:

  • 30/45/60 minutes duration.
  • Shared lessons for brass/woodwind are available for beginning students.
  • Instrument hire available for brass/strings/woodwind.

5 Key Benefits of Private Music lessons at DLS

  • Quality tuition guaranteed with an experienced, tertiary qualified specialist instructor on each instrument.
  • Individualised Music Progress Plan each semester (and reporting).
  • Access to MakeMusic (online subscription) resources for home practice.
  • Integration of your son’s musical progress in private lessons with his involvement in our Ensemble and Classroom Music programs.
  • Convenience of lesson scheduling for student and parents.

Instrumental Music Program lessons can be started at any time during the academic year.

For further information or to commence the enrolment process, please contact the Music Administrator Ms Susan Jost on 9508 2136, or email