Our Staff

We are blessed with an incredible team of teachers and professionals, many of whom have dedicated numerous years to De La Salle. Their unwavering dedication and inspirational approach not only contribute to the warm, community spirit of our college but also play a pivotal role in creating a dynamic and engaging educational environment.

Our staff is continually encouraged to grow professionally, with ample opportunities for development each year. This commitment ensures that our teaching methodologies, curriculum, and operational strategies remain at the forefront of educational excellence.

College Executive:

The heart of our strategic and operational leadership lies with the College Executive Team. This group is responsible for steering the various functional areas of the school, diligently guiding the strategic direction of De La Salle while ensuring the smooth running of daily operations.

  • Principal – Mr. Peter Houlihan
  • Executive Deputy Principal – Mr. Seamus Scorgie
  • Assistant Principal – Identity and Mission: Ms. Rana Brogan
  • Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Mr. Rob Bonnici
  • Assistant Principal – Students: Ms. Jessica Alger
  • Business Manager: Mr. Joe Gehrig
Left to Right Back Row: Rob Bonnici, Joe Gehrig and Seamus Scorgie
Left to Right Front Row: Jessica Alger, Peter Houlihan and Rana Brogan