De La Salle College


With our iconic blue and gold blazers, the De La Salle College uniform is well-recognised in the community and worn with pride by all of our students, from Year 4 to Year 12. The uniform is an important part of our identity as a Lasallian College.

In wearing the uniform correctly our students indicate a great respect for themselves and for their College. The College’s Uniform Policy outlines the expectations relating to student uniform.

Our uniform supplier is Dobsons. Uniform can be purchased directly from a Dobsons store or at our onsite uniform shop on the Tiverton campus. The on-site uniform shop offers both new and second-hand uniforms and is open during school terms as follows:

Monday 8:00am—11:30am
Wednesday 8:00am—11:30am
Friday 12:00pm—4:00pm