De La Salle College


With our iconic blue and gold blazers, the De La Salle uniform is well-recognised in the community and worn with pride by our boys.

The uniform is an important part of our identity as a Lasallian College. In wearing the uniform correctly we indicate a great respect for ourselves as persons by taking pride in our appearance.


Students are expected to wear clothing which is clean, tidy and well maintained

  • Shoes should be clean. All students are required to wear black leather school shoes with the school uniform (there are no exceptions).
  • Hair must be well groomed, clean, neat and tidy. Hair must be off the face and above the eyebrows and collar. Extreme hairstyles, including colouring, will not be permitted.
  • Jewellery / tattoos: Visible jewellery and tattoos are NOT permitted.
  • Facial hair: Students are required to be clean shaven.

Students who fail to meet College expectations regarding appearance and uniform, may be sent home by the Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation or Head of Campus.

Uniform Regulations

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

The full school uniform is the winter uniform, which must be worn in Terms 2 and 3. Students have the option of wearing their winter shirt (tucked in), tie and blazer with shorts rather than trousers if they prefer. In Terms 1 and 4, students have the option of wearing the full summer uniform.


Shirt: White, long sleeve shirt. It is to be worn with the College tie and tucked in at all times.
 Grey trousers OR navy blue walk short — students may choose which they wish to wear.
Jumper: Navy blue monogrammed pullover.
Blazer: The College blazer is the external garment to be worn to and from school and to all assemblies.
Socks: Grey or black socks.
Shoes: Black leather shoes.
(Shorts/Socks: As per the summer uniform)

NB: The College spray jacket is part of the sports uniform and is not an alternative to the College blazer. It may be worn over the blazer coming to and from school, only when raining, and must be removed when the student is at school.


Shirt: Short sleeve, white monogrammed school shirt. The short sleeve shirt may be worn outside the shorts. As an alternative, students are permitted to wear their winter shirt with tie and blazer, with the shirt tucked in.
Shorts:  Navy blue walk shorts.
Jumper: Navy blue monogrammed pullover. This is not to be worn as the outside garment to and from school.
Socks: Blue marle school socks.
Shoes: Black leather shoes.
Hat: Blue College cap.

NB: The only garments that can be worn on the outside to and from school are either the short sleeve monogrammed shirt or the College blazer. The College spray jacket may be worn as stated above.


The sports uniform consists of the following:

  • College polo shirt.
  • Navy monogrammed sports shorts or tracksuit pants.
  • Navy and yellow monogrammed rugby top.
  • White socks.
  • Runners or cross-trainers (street, skate and casual shoes are not permitted to be worn).
  • College spray jacket.

Please note that the old royal blue sports uniform is being phased out from 2016. See the full phase plan here.


All students are required to wear a House polo shirt (in the relevant House colour) to events including the athletics, cross country and swimming carnivals and other House activities through the year.

House colours are:

  1. St Austin’s — Yellow
  2. St Edwin’s — Green
  3. St Leo’s — Blue
  4. St Mark’s — Red


Students are permitted to wear the sports uniform only on days when they have timetabled P.E. classes.


Year 10 students are permitted to wear the sports uniform on Tuesdays. The sports uniform is not to be worn to or from school by any other student.


The College recommends the wearing of the school hat during recess, lunch and outdoor classes for students in Years 7–12. Hats are compulsory for primary school students when playing in uncovered areas.

Out of Uniform Cards

Students not wearing the correct uniform should have a note from parents and must obtain a “Yellow Card” from their Coordinator authorizing incorrect attire for a specified period of time. Staff and class teachers assist by asking these boys to show their “Yellow Card”. Boys without a “Yellow Card” are sent immediately to obtain one. Students failing to repeatedly comply with uniform requirements, will be issued a detention.

Dobsons College Uniform Shop

The College Uniform Shop offers both new and second-hand uniforms.

  • Address: Tiverton Campus, Malvern
  • Telephone: 9576 2678

Trading hours during term time are:

Monday and Wednesday 8:00am—11:30am
Friday 12:00pm—4:00pm

Other Uniform Suppliers

Dobsons Hawthorn

  • Address: 667 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
  • Telephone: 9819 1122

Dobsons North Balwyn

  • Address: 274 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn
  • Telephone: 9816 3366

Visit the Dobsons website.