De La Salle College

Technology Integration

Our teaching and learning framework centres around practical and creative ICT methodology. This is supplemented with expert teacher initiatives that are stimulated by a student’s thirst for learning.

Our Learning Management System (eLearning)

Year82015 computer boys web (3)We are currently undertaking a renewed 1:1 program where all students will receive a College owned notebook by 2018.

From 2016, all students entering the College in Years 4, 7 and 10 will receive notebooks. The notebook contains the latest software from Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. Until they receive their notebook, students in other year levels will continue to be part of our ‘bring your own device’ program. All students have access to workstations in both campus libraries and in specialist areas such as Systems Engineering, VCD and Studio Arts.

Our Learning Management System (eLearning)

The students’ use of technology is supported by committed teaching staff and the delivery of curriculum through our eLearning platform, Moodle. Our aim is to improve student engagement, independence and self-initiated learning. The goal is to develop active and passionate lifelong learners with 21st century skills, ready to take their place as valued members of the global community.

Benefits for students

With eLearning, the curriculum is delivered in productive and creative ways. Students have 247 access to Moodle, both at school and at home. They are able to complete online assessment tasks and have access to further learning opportunities on demand. In addition, eLearning has become a powerful tool, enabling students to assume more responsibility for their own education. It provides a framework for ongoing and accessible assessment and reporting.

Benefits for parents

The eLearning platform builds a partnership between parents, students and teachers. Parents have their own username and password and are able to view the academic progress of their son through the grade book at any time. The grade book is used to:

  • manage grades for each subject
  • calculate grades
  • communicate expectations
  • provide prompt feedback to parents and students.

Technology for the Primary Years

Until students in Years 4, 5 and 6 receive their notebooks, they will have access to school provided netbooks as well as access to workstations in the Tiverton library. Dedicated digital projectors are available in every teaching space facilitating an engaging and visual focus for all learners.