De La Salle College

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to De La Salle College, a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition.

At De La Salle, our students learn, live and lead. A simple philosophy, but very important as boys learn to take on leadership roles and become active members of the school community. Leadership helps students develop self-respect and come to respect others in the process. Through the College’s robust social justice program and immersion in the Lasallian ethos we see our students develop a strong moral compass and compassion for those around them.

Whilst the College encourages the practice of the Catholic faith, we respect the religious affiliation of every member of the community. Most importantly, we deliver a quality education in all subjects and provide students with the skills to be active and successful citizens in today’s society. To ensure we are providing the best environment in this sense, the College has put in place the essential infrastructure and technology to help our young men learn, live and lead.

De La Salle continually strives to build and improve the programs to enable our young men to be educated in a respectful and encouraging, contemporary learning environment where strong family values and academic achievement are reinforced. Our teachers know and understand boys. We encourage leadership, vision and innovation in teaching and learning and support students’ growth via a focused student wellbeing program.

We are also a community where the desire to achieve academically, and according to one’s abilities, is fundamental. As a comprehensive school, we attempt to tailor all our programs to provide the optimal learning environment for each and every student, where each can achieve personal excellence.

So the elements of De La Salle College might be summarised thus: faith in God and in each other; service to the community, both local and overseas, and especially to those most in need; and a community of young men striving to learn, to live and to lead.

Come join us!

Peter Houlihan