De La Salle College

College Executive

The College Executive meet weekly to consider the strategic direction of the College community and ensure the ongoing effective leadership and management of the organisation. All aspects of the College are represented in the Executive, where there exists a wide variety of experience and skills.

The Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission is responsible for the College’s Catholic identity and Lasallian charism.

The Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching works with the Directors of Learning and Development and the Learning Area Team Leaders to ensure the delivery of a high-quality learning and teaching program.

The Deputy PrincipalStaff and Operations has responsibility for staff wellbeing and management and the operational/organisational life of the College.

The Deputy Principal – Students works to ensure the effective leadership and management of students across both campuses and mentors the College Student Leadership Group.

The Director of Finance and Administration manages the financial sustainability of the College, ensures the provision of friendly and helpful service to parents, students and staff and the upkeep of the College’s property.

The College Executive consists of:

  • Principal: Mr Peter Houlihan
  • Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission: Ms Rana Brogan
  • Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching: Mr Mark Gustincic
  • Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations: Mr Tom Ryan
  • Deputy Principal – Students: Ms Jessica Alger
  • Director of Finance and Administration: Ms Lyn McGuinness

Our philosophy on leadership across the College

All teachers are leaders in their respective areas of learning and teaching and are suitably supported and encouraged in their areas of expertise. As role models, pastoral caregivers, teachers, coaches, catechists and managers, they truly are educators in every sense of the word.

We also ensure that student leadership opportunities exist for each and every boy and that mutual respect is the essential element of all our endeavours at De La Salle College.



“If you or your child is feeling ill or unwell, you must not attend school or your workplace. You must remain home and seek medical advice”

- Department of Health, Department of Education and CEM guidelines.

If any member of your household is currently self isolating as a result of exposure to COVID19, stay at home and advise the school immediately.

Coronavirus Advice Line – 1800 020 080

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