De La Salle College

Year 10

Kinnoull Campus in Year 10 provides an exciting platform from which our young men begin to emerge. The key to this is fostering independence and striking a healthy balance between academic and co-curricular pursuits.

The exciting transition to the Kinnoull Senior Campus brings new opportunities for our students. During this time we encourage students to take initiative and stretch themselves in their academic and co-curricular pursuits.

There are many challenges facing Year 10 students, such as:

  • developing a better understanding of themselves
  • maturing at varying rates
  • maintaining and developing a deeper interest in education
  • finding areas and opportunities in which to excel
  • feeling a sense of achievement and progress.

Working together with our students, the Year 10 staff foster a culture where everyone is encouraged to discover and use his talents. Through this exploration students also gain a sense of just how many opportunities lay before them.

Camps and Exchanges

Eligible Year 10 students are also able to apply for a French and Italian study tour. These tours are conducted by language staff at the College and run on a biennial basis.

The Philippines Cultural Exchange program also provides the opportunity for overseas travel for students who are interested in social justice.

Year 10 Curriculum

With 45 subject choices on offer, the Year 10 curriculum is designed to provide a wide range of opportunities to meet the needs of each individual, whether they want to go on to become a teacher, doctor, scientist, journalist, accountant, or author; work in trade; work in technology; or even work in a job that is yet to exist.

Students can choose from a range of innovative subject choices within a study area, with five English, four Maths and four Science subjects, as well as a range of Languages, History and Technology subject choices on offer. All Year 10 students study VCE Unit 1 Religion and Society.

Our Year 10 curriculum allows specialisation of study and personalisation of pathways, meaning there is something to suit every young man.

Learn more with the Curriculum Handbook

To learn more about the teaching and learning arrangements for Year 10, we encourage you to view or download the Curriculum Handbook.


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