Year 9 – Holy Eucharist Campus

Throughout the year, our aim is to immerse students in novel experiences and nurture diverse ways of thinking. This approach is designed to cultivate a deep appreciation for the learning process itself and to equip students with the skills and mindset needed to navigate their future successfully.

WISE Program

The WISE program is a bespoke initiative designed specifically to align with the Year 9 mission of fostering independence, engaging them in activities that build resilience and empower self-led learning. Rooted in the principle that learning thrives on experience and self-reflection (Kolb, 1984), WISE focuses on significant personal growth through dedication.

Understanding the positive impact of healthy competition, we’ve introduced the WISE Award, with Silver and Gold levels, to motivate our students to excel. This competitive edge encourages them to achieve their highest potential, aligning with our mission to foster independence and success.


Our pioneering Year 9 curriculum is crafted to spark curiosity and develop critical thinking skills through a blend of inquiry and project-based learning that spans interdisciplinary fields. This program seamlessly weaves together various subjects, enabling students to tackle real-world issues, bridge different ideas, and collaborate on meaningful projects. By dismantling traditional subject boundaries, we facilitate a comprehensive learning experience that surpasses the confines of individual disciplines.

Within this vibrant curriculum, students explore interconnected themes, leveraging insights from a broad spectrum of subjects, including science, history, mathematics, languages, arts, as well as a variety of experiential electives. Engaging directly with hands-on projects, they address intricate problems, engage in thorough research, analyse data, and devise innovative solutions. Whether it’s investigating environmental sustainability, unravelling mathematical puzzles, or navigating the latest technological breakthroughs, students are encouraged to probe, question, and innovate.

Year 9 is about more than just absorbing facts; it’s about applying knowledge in real-life situations. Our embrace of cross-curricular learning and project-based activities not only fosters a lifelong love for learning but also equips students with the skills and mindset necessary for future success, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

For detailed information on our teaching and learning framework for Year 9, we invite you to explore the Curriculum Handbook.