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Roll Call Alumni Magazine

De La Salle’s Roll Call is our bi annual Alumni Magazine showcasing students past and present.  It is a valuable connection between the past, the present and the future and records all reunions that are held every year.

Roll Call magazine is published twice per year in May and September and is transitioning to a paperless eMagazine as part of our sustainable efforts.  A copy is mailed or emailed to all past students and current families.

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Archive Roll Call issues:

Roll Call — September 2020
Roll Call — May 2020

Roll Call — September 2019
Roll Call — May 2019

Roll Call — September 2018
Roll Call — May 2018

Roll Call — September 2017
Roll Call — May 2017

Roll Call — September 2016
Roll Call — May 2016

Roll Call — September 2015
Roll Call — May 2015

Roll Call — September 2014
Roll Call — May 2014

Roll Call — September 2013
Roll Call — May 2013

Roll Call — September 2012
Roll Call — May 2012


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