Readers and Writers Week

As part of the recent Readers and Writers Week, the library arranged for two authors to come and speak to students – George Ivanoff and Joel McKerrow.

Students from Years 5 and 6 attended a presentation by George Ivanoff. George shared how he didn’t like reading until he discovered the Dr Who books which inspired him to write his own stories.   Selected high achieving primary students worked with George to create their own You Choose book outline in a writing workshop.

Jack D: “It was an immersive experience. I loved learning about how the author creates his you choose stories.”

Students from Years 7 and 8 listened to performance poet and author, Joel McKerrow. Joel described the power of poetry through his own experiences and gave a performance of one of his poems. Selected high achieving students learnt from Joel tools to use to tap into their creativity and utilize it to produce engaging stories.

Emmanuel Z: “He kept his audience engaged with the discussion and gave me useful tips about writing stories.”

Jack S: “I would say that my favourite part of his presentation was when he talking about how he uses past experiences in his stories.”

The major event of the week was the Readers’ Breakfast where Joel spoke passionately about the importance of creativity and implored students not to lose their own spark of creativity.

SC: “I found it really enjoyable and interesting to listen to Joel McKerrow.  Made you think differently. “

PB: “Thank you for providing this opportunity to be challenged to reignite creativity in our lives. Joel McKerrow was the perfect guest who was able to share an insight into his world and perform his work with such passion and honesty.”