De La Salle College

Years 5 – 6 (Primary)

De La Salle College Primary, located on the Tiverton Campus, is an educational setting that consists of multiple Year 5 and Year 6 classes.

Students are taught by experienced and dedicated staff and there are many opportunities to participate in the De La Salle community. This includes co‐curricular activities, social justice initiatives and leadership and development opportunities. We place a strong emphasis on pastoral care, fostering a vibrant, nurturing and faith‐filled Catholic community where parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged.

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Our vision

In a progressive learning environment which provides students with every opportunity to experience success in their educational endeavours, we nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing to encourage every individual to reach their full potential.


Educational excellence is achieved through dedicated and supportive staff and the use of contemporary and innovative pedagogy, excellent teaching and learning skills and resources that include current technologies to motivate, influence and engage individuals and cater for varied learning needs.

The Core Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Religion and Inquiry is enhanced by a range of Specialist subjects that greatly enrich the learning experience. These include Library, LOTE – Italian, Music, Performing Arts – Drama, Physical Education and Visual Arts. A Friday afternoon sports program aims to establish bonds across the Year Levels where students compete in multi‐age groups, participating in a range of team games and in some District and Zone events.

The Camps program is designed to provide skills and strategies for students to cope in varied environments outside the classroom with planned and safe activities and adventures that aim to strengthen relationships with peers and build resilience.

Learn more with the Curriculum Handbook

To learn more about the teaching and learning arrangements for Years 5 – 6, please view or download the handbook on the Curriculum Handbook page.