23 FEBRUARY 2023

The Principal's Report

At this week’s first Year 12 Seminar Day for the year we hosted Sam Clear, who several years ago spent 550+ days walking across the Americas and a significant section of Europe, all in the name of promoting unity.

Peter Houlihan

Identity and Mission

This week marked the beginning of Lent, which started on Ash Wednesday, February 22.

Rana Brogan
Assistant Principal — Identity and Mission

Student Wellbeing

The issue of ‘Sextortion’ continues to impact a number of young people in Australia each day. Unfortunately, this issue is mainly impacting young men. We therefore want to provide you with information on how to avoid sextortion.

Jessica Alger
Assistant Principal — Stude

Learning and Teaching

On Friday 17 February, the whole school assembled to celebrate the top achievers of 2022 and their parents to acknowledge the most successful students of last year and to invest the student leaders of 2023.

Rob Bonnici
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Tiverton Campus
Years 5 - 8

The Year 7 Reflection Days that recently took place across each Mentor group, provided the Year 7 Students with ways to get to know their Mentor teacher and peers.

Patrizia Ferrara
Year 7 Year Level Coordinator

Holy Eucharist Campus

Year 9

The Holy Eucharist Campus, like the rest of De La Salle College, is now in full swing with the Year 9 students immersing themselves fully in their single year level campus life.

Tom Murphy
Year 9 Learning and Teaching Leader

Kinnoull Campus

Year 10 - 12

Building on a community that values respectful relationships (2023 College Theme) and inclusivity, the Year 7 and 11 students were involved in their first ‘Big Brother, Little Brother’ session during a recent GROW period.

Shane Mackintosh
Director of Students (Senior Years)

Sports Report

If a week is a long time in sport, then two weeks must seem like an eternity.

Melo Conti
Director of Sport


Save the date: the inaugural De La Salle Battle of the Bands and Solo Vocal Competition.
Thursday 30 March, 7pm PAC.

Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

Year 7 - Big Brother, Little Brother

On Thursday 16 February the Year 7 and the Year 11 students gathered in House groups at the Kinnoull Campus as part of the Big Brother, Little Brother program during GROW (Growing Responsibility for your Own Wellbeing).

Year 7 Coordinator
Patrizia Ferrara

Year 8 - Grow Program

The Year 8 students are to be congratulated on their wonderful start to 2023.

Mr Paul Roberts
Year 8 Coordinator

Important Events

Please note: The College events listed below may be subject
to change. Please refer to the Daily Notices in OLLIE for updates.

Parent Network

The Year 7 Parents Information and Welcome Evening was a wonderful start to the year with around 200 people enjoying a festive evening outside the Peppercorn Café on the Kinnoull campus in perfect weather!

Mrs Sonya Ryan
College Parent Network
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CSPV Newsletter

The February issue of the Catholic School Parents Victoria newsletter is out now.
Click here to read.
School Library - Reading (11)

Health Clinic

At the beginning of the school year, the college sent out an email requesting relevant paperwork regarding your son’s medical conditions and concerns.

Kylie Upton
Health Centre

From the Archives

Occasionally I come across unusual objects in the boxes stored in our compactus, and this week I wanted to share the story of some glass bottles which were discovered on the Kinnoull campus during the Fairlight Archaeology Project in 2008, directed by OC David Hunter (2006).

Marian Jenkinson
College Archivist

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